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Hello Parents!
What brings you here? Let me guess.. your child is not eating his/her food or is he/she not listening to you or are they throwing tantrums? Or is there lot of sibling rivalry between your children….

If yes to ANY or ALL of the above…


My name is Priya and I am a Parent too of two beautiful children and a wife to a lovely man!

My Story

My childhood was a happy one. I was one of the three children living with my parents in a joint family. My parents had an advantage as we (me and my siblings) were always taken care of by other members of the family. One would feed us, other would change our nappies or third could take us to the park.. so on. Plus there was domestic help cheaply and easily available who would do all the cleaning and the laundry.
Compared to my parents, my husband and I have had tough time bringing up our children on our own. With two hyperactive children (close in age), we struggled everyday just to feed, change, bathe , play and do other million things and MULTIPLY that by 2. Not to forget both were delivered by caesarean section… OUCH! So it was especially hard for the first 6 weeks after birth each time- no driving ,no picking up heavy stuff and no pushing the stroller!

Of course one of us has to earn at least! Without sounding sexist it had to be husband dearest… Also, I wanted to bring up my children in a certain way. So he went back to work after 2 weeks of paternity break, and I had to deal with the majority of issues/tantrums of the kids as well as cooking, cleaning , laundry.. I also had to take the responsibility of single handedly weaning, entertaining them, potty training, immunisations etc for at least for 10-12 hours a day.
Husband very kindly agreed to do the night duties (except breastfeeding)! He also took up the responsibility of playing and taking kids out in the weekend so that I could catch a few ZZZZ’s or watch television or take a girly time out.

It was hard

The statement above is an understatement. At one point I was breastfeeding little one, cooking 2 meals a day while the older one was still in her nappies. There were times when I was totally lost as to how to physically manage on my own or I just couldn’t figure how do I wean off the younger one from breast milk and put him on cow’s milk! He hated cow’s milk!!

Saved by the Health Visitor

Luckily for me I had a wonderful Health Visitor who gave me a lot of useful tips. But I could only meet her when I used to get the babies weighed every few weeks. It was impossible to get her on the phone. So I would make a mental note of all issues I had and go every few weeks to the weighing clinic. It was hard going with 2 toddlers but at least I would get my answers! Not to mention the unending internet research Husband did to get answers!
I would like to add here that all my family live in some other country and at that time I didn’t have the privilege of doing a free what’s app call at that time !

I couldn’t but help think that there might be other women in the same position as me struggling day in and day out to bring up their children on their own.
Sheer will power got me through my darkest moments.. I had quite a few..
How wonderful it would be if I could at least simplify things for other Mothers.. I can only simplify.. I can’t take away all the problems.. After all, bringing up children is not a piece of cake.. At least somebody else would not go through so many hardships that I went through.. well, at least I can try …


I thought to myself why not turn our knowledge and experience into a useful resource for struggling parents…
Why not let a Mother or a Father have the benefit of our knowledge and experience at their fingertips?
We have been there.. Done It…

I could not only give New or Existing parents the benefit of my experience but maybe accept their suggestion and opinions as well! How wonderful that would be!

But for that I need you to touch base with me….
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






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