Working Mom And Stay At Home Mom – Which One is Better?

The discussion about Working Mom and Stay at Home Mom has been going on for a long time. Every mom has an opinion on it. I would like to give my opinion on it too! Every mom is a person, a human being. Every human being has got a set of priorities depending on their circumstances and environment. For example : A single mother has got to do two jobs together, one of earning money (to put food on the table) and also bringing up the child. Another mother might feel that earning money and paying for a child’s expenses is more important than staying at home and looking after the child. Yet another mom might feel that bringing up a child and spending time with them are more important than a career. Or, having a job or working is a security for some moms.

Working Mom – Benefits

  • Salary – if you can manage to earn more than the childcare costs, extra income is always welcome in the family. Especially so if you are a single mom! It is very beneficial financially if the grandparents are willing to look after your child. Then you would have no child care costs !
  • You would feel very satisfied with yourself if you enjoy your work.
  • Social interaction – you can have adult conversations for the hours you work – part-time or full time.
  • You are out of the house- and have got your own space.
  • Your children might learn from you, the benefits and importance of a career in a person’s life.
  • You are less likely to be depressed after child birth.
  • You have something to look forward to every morning.

Stay At Home Mom – Benefits

  • You can spend time with your children- you will not miss any growth milestone of babies and toddlers like crawling, first step, talking etc which are priceless and invaluable moments for a parent!
  • You would “always be there” for your child either for school events or when your child is sick and needs you. You would be able to make them finish all their homework on time.
  • You can decide the way you want your child to be brought up- your child will have your upbringing – not that of a childminder or a nanny or even grandparents.
  • You would have time to finish the laundry, go to the dentist and do all other household chores.
  • You have the option of having your own business which will give you an income and flexibility.
  • You have the option of serving healthy meals to your family as you have got time on your hand
  • You would have the social interaction from other moms.
  • No childcare costs.

Make Sure You Accept and Stick to your Decision

Whether you are a Working Mom or a Stay at home mom, the important thing is to accept your decision from within. You can’t decide to go to work and then feel guilty about not spending time with your child or if you are a stay at home mom don’t think that you are wasting your time while your child has gone to school. Move on .

How Do you Make the Most Of your Decision

Working Mom

  • Plan your annual holidays carefully. Make sure that on your days off you spend quality time with your children. Even during the weekends don’t get spend all the time finishing chores. Do activities which the kids would like to do with you.
  • If it is possible request your Employer to give you some flexibility – like working from home on a certain day of the week.
  • Keep in touch via phone or messages with the other school moms so you have an inkling what’s going on in the school
  • Time management is very important. If you are cooking dinners every night make sure you do some preparation work the night before(after the kids have gone to sleep).
  • Explain to your child why you need to go to work(financial reasons or career ).
  • Keep your child involved in your life by talking about your work life with them (things they need to know) like some funny incident which happened at work today.

Stay at Home Mom

    • Make sure you take a break from household chores. Order a takeaway at least one night in the week.
    • Take some time out from the children – even if it means sitting in a different room and doing what you like or go out for a coffee or to the movies with a friend if your spouse or partner can look after the kids .
    • Engage in an activity which will keep your mind occupied. It is very important for people of all ages to be mentally stimulated.
    • Consider working from home.

More Mothers are Opting to Stay at Home

The are many reasons:

  • Increasing childcare costs. This will eat up your salary. Is there any point working?
  • Lack of flexibility at work.
  • When moms go back to work after maternity break, they might not get the same position or level of work they had before they gave birth- even though the pay package is the same.
  • With the increase in popularity of online businesses- a stay at home mom can enjoy the benefits of working and earn an income as well!

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom, the important thing is to be happy and satisfied with your decision. Some things have to go to give way for new things. There are only 24 hours in a day- so its not possible to do everything. Be nice to yourself too! Remember kids always imitate their parents. So take your decision based on what you want your child to learn from you.




12 Replies to “Working Mom And Stay At Home Mom – Which One is Better?”

  1. I believe that this is a personal choice to work or stay home. My wife as always been a stay home wife and I believe the kids have benefited from that.

    It has been a challenge in today’s world to be a one income family, but we would not have done it differently.

    Like you said, you need to weigh the price of daycare and other items to see if being a working mom is really economical to do.

    Let’s face it, just being a mom is a big job. Thas for sharing the article and bringing light on the options for the mom’s out there.

    1. Thank you for your message Don. I am very happy to know that staying at home has worked for your wife. Its not an easy decision to make!I believe that a mother should always listen to her heart. I agree being a mom is a hard job but it brings so much happiness as well!

  2. I like how you have the pros and the cons to both scenarios. I think it would help other Mom’s who are on the fence of what to do make a more educated decision.

  3. I think the debate about how women should live their lives is silly. If they want to work, then let them work. If they want to stay at home with the children, then let stay at home with the children.

    As long as the core family element is there the rest is just smaller details, at least in my opinion.

    I like how organized your article is. Makes it easy to go through

    1. Thanks for your comment Nikolas. Yes, women should choose what they want to do after having children. But a Mom has a lot of other things to consider like childcare costs, spending time with children , school pickups and drops etc .

  4. This is a very personal decision. Me as a husband, would support any decision my wife would take. But I would like her to achieve her dreams. What is the point of a relationship, if the other party cannot grow?

  5. I was lucky enough to have 12 months paid maternity leave for each of my children, but had to return to my job (in a part time capacity) after that for financial reasons. If I could afford it I would choose to be a stay-at-home mom all the way! I love the tips you’ve offered here, very useful for any mom-to-be facing this decision.

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