Travel Accessories for Children- How Do You Keep Your Child Busy on Holidays and Family Outings

It is August and most of you parents must be getting ready to go to your family holiday. You would want to make the most of it and therefore you wouldn’t want your children to be bored or cranky during travel or at the holiday destination. Here is a list of travel accessories for children which might prove to be useful for your travel and holiday.

Drawing/Colouring/ Stencil Kit

Drawing/colouring kits are a must for all children. These travel kits can keep your children busy for a long time and also give them mental stimulation. If you have got a bored child, high up in the sky ,on a plane, there are very few things which a child can do and one of them is this.

Product Name: Drawing Stencil Kit by Art with Smile

Where To Buy: Amazon.

Price: £22.80

Ages:3 years+

Warranty: 1 year for bag and stencils

My rating:4.5/5

Other features:

  • Includes special storage kit, 14 large plastic drawing stencils, 22 blank paper sheets,14 coloured pencils,1 pencil sharpener, 2 clips bonus.
  • Storage container is a waterproof fabric, with compartments to organise all the materials tidily,easy to carry, comfortable handle, hard side panel which can be used as a portable drawing surface.
  • Available in 2 colours (storage bag)- blue and red
  • 30 day money back guarantee


  • Well thought of drawing set. It can keep the whole family busy for a long time, therefore a very good family activity which brings bonding.
  • Good quality sturdy storage kit which will last for years.
  • Hard side panel can be used as a drawing surface and 2 bonus clips can be clipped on to prevent paper from flying.
  • Stencil has got over 280 individual shapes including animals, cars, dinosaurs , flowers,alphabet,shapes , numbers and much more.
  • It is portable so can be used anywhere, car plane,ferries,train or when you are in a restaurant or visiting family or friends.
  • No mess of paints or markers.
  • 30 day money back guarantee – if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • 1 year warranty for storage kit and stencils


  • Slightly expensive at £22.80 .
  • Quality issue with the sharpener.

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Kids Travel Suitcase

These small suitcases are fun and colorful,can be used as cabin baggage and can accommodate all your kids toys and books during travel. Due to the child friendly design your children will love to pull their own suitcase and hopefully will be a huge help to the parents!

Product Name: Boppi Kids Suitcase (Cabin Bag)

Where To Buy: Amazon.

Price: £29.99

Dimensions: width 30 cm, Depth :22 cm, height is 42 cm

Weight: 1.5 kg

2 levels of handle height: 60cm and 72 cm

My rating:4/5

Other features:

  • Lightweight and sturdy- The suitcase are lightweight,soft,durable and have robust exterior casing.
  • Available in 5 designs Aeroplane, Dog, Penguin Blue,Penguin Pink and Tiger.
  • They weigh only 1.5 kg and are within the size requirements of cabin luggage.
  • Freestand stopper which enables the suitcase to stand upright.
  • Polyurethane wheel which are soft and make smooth journeys to the airports.
  • A 2- height extendable soft grip handle – which is suitable for children of different heights and ages.
  • 17 litre storage capacity.


  • High quality suitcase with great designs for kids
  • Reasonably priced product.
  • Soft grip handle with 2 levels of height for kids of different heights and age.
  • Lightweight suitcase suitable for younger children.
  • Ample storage space of 17 litres.


  • New product on

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Bananagrams Word Game

Bananagrams is a brilliant educational game when you are on the go. I believe this game can be played by a child who is at least 4 years old (if he/she can spell at least 2-3 letter words).

Product Name: Bananagrams Word Game

Where To Buy:

Price: £11.99

Ages: 3years+

My rating:4.5/5

Other features

  • Bananagram is a portable educational game. Due to the banana shaped grab and go pouch, you can travel with it.
  • You don’t need a pen or paper, just a table to lay out the tiles.
  • 2-6 players.
  • One hand can take as little as 5 minutes.
  • 144 tiles in each pack.
  • Includes instruction leaflet.


  • Easy to carry educational game.
  • More flexible and enjoyable than scrabble
  • Helps children get practice of spelling and make interlocking words.
  • If your child is young you can “bend the rules” a little and encourage him or her to make words without interlocking them.
  • Duration of each game is very short and therefore it a good game to play in groups.
  • Can be played in bars, restaurants and cafes.
  • Huge age range 4 years to 99 years. The whole family including extended family can play together and have fun.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • It is not the original Bananagrams but is good value for money unless you are fussed about “originals” and “fakes”.

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Quirk !! The Hilarious Family Card Game

A perfect family game which you can play on the go!

Product Name: Quirk!! The Hillarious Family Card Game

Where To Buy:

Price: £15.00

Ages: 7 years+ as per box but younger children can play too!

My rating:4.5/5

Other features

  • An easy to play, light-hearted family card game.
  • Perfect for ages 5 year to 99 years.
  • 2-6 players.
  • 15-30 minutes of play.
  • 56 cards in total including 13 character cards,7 Tactics Cards,3 Defense cards and 7 skip cards.
  • Includes instruction leaflet.
  • Portable game- easy to carry.


  • Quirk provides a lot of fun family time without any family drama!
  • Game for all ages 5 years onward. Children aged 3 years can play with a little of help.
  • Portable game. You can take it anywhere with you .
  • Great game for social interaction.
  • Great game with lots of fun and laughs!
  • Play it anywhere – during travel or over Christmas holidays or at family gatherings.


  • Game is a little expensive.

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I believe all the items are great to have during travel. Except the suitcase, all the other items can be used everyday whether you are at home or at a restaurant or at a friends house .

Have you got any experience with any of the above items , please share via comment box.

Have great summer holidays!







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