Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform- A Must for Stamping or Card Making

Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform is a wonderful and a must have accessory for anybody interested in stamping as a hobby or for card making. This is a portable platform which comes with a protective sleeve. Therefore, it can be taken to craft lessons or craft clubs. Craft Stash – UK’s number one paper craft store sells this bundle for a very reasonable price- otherwise you would have to spend extra to purchase the protective sleeve. Also, Craft Stash do Live Facebook Shows every Friday at 1 pm in case you would like any ideas about stamping/card making .

Product Name: Tim Holtz &Tonic Studios Travel Stamp Platform and Protective Sleeve Bundle

Where to buy:Craft Stash.co.uk

Price: £32.99

My rating: 4.5/5




  • Travel stamp platform with reversible lid
  • Protective Sleeve
  • 2 x high strength magnets

Other Features:

  • Fully magnetic 6.5″ x 6.5″ base with dual thickness lid to accommodate both clear and rubber stamps.
  • Open edges to accommodate larger sheets of paper for stamping.
  • Magnetic base and 2 magnets to hold the card in place.
  • Marked for accurate card alignment.
  • 0.25″ guidelines on clear platform.
  • Reinforced, wear resistant metal hinges.
  • Paper guides located on top and side of platform.

How to use the platform:

  • Place the card on the base and attach the magnets to keep your card securely in place. Stick your stamp to the clear lid in the desired position.
  • Bring the clear lid down onto your card to stamp your image.
  • Lift to reveal your finished design, accurately positioned every time!
  • Repeat the process above to darken the image.
  • If you want to use rubber stamps, make sure the word ‘rubber’ reads when you close the lid.
  • If you want to use clear stamps, make sure the word ‘clear’ reads when you close the lid.


  • Tim Holtz is a known brand and has been in crafting since 2000.
  • The Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform is highly durable and is made of quality materials
  • It is great for doing multi layer designs especially when you want to duplicate cards.
  • It is perfect for crafters who want to carry the platform to craft classes or clubs. It is portable.
  • It has a reversible lid which accommodates both clear and rubber stamps. It ensures accurate contact every time.
  • The lid can be flipped very easily in order to use rubber or clear stamps. It is marked for accurate card alignment.
  • The base is magnetic and anti slip.
  • This stylish travel stamp platform comes with a protective sleeve which protects the platform during transit.
  • Stamping area is 6.5″ x 6.5″ – which is a great size.
  • The platform provides precision stamping every time.
  • It works well with the smallest of papers.
  • It is very useful for crafters or anybody wanting to make cards and very easy to use.
  • Due to its size, it takes up minimal space.
  • If you purchase through Craft Stash, they have got a great customer service as well . Even if you don’t , you can still attend their live Facebook shows for stamping ideas.


  • It comes with only 2 magnets – if you require more you would have to purchase them separately.
  • Magnets are very strong- so you would have to keep them separated.

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I believe that Time Holtz Travel Stamp Platform is a great high quality, value for money, easy to use portable product. It is preferred over other brands by crafters. If you are interested in craft making, stamping or card making, this is a great accessory to have. It can also be a great hobby for moms or even grandmoms!

Have you got a stamping platform? Is it a Tim Holtz or some other brand? Would you like to share your experiences with me – please put your experiences in the comment box below.

In the meantime, stamp away!




10 Replies to “Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform- A Must for Stamping or Card Making”

  1. I have always wanted to get one of this for my art classes.
    I think this is great for card making.

    I really love the magnets too.
    It is great to be able to hold the card in place.
    It gonna make things easy for me.

    1. Thank you Frosteer for your comment. This a very good platform for stamping. The best feature is that is so easy to carry around . Enjoy stamping on Tim Holtz Travel Stamp Platform!

  2. Hi. Thanks for your review. I make my own cards because Hallmark cards are so darn expensive. This looks like something I can use. Does it work with any stamp or just Tim Holtz brand?

    1. Thanks for your comment Maria. I agree Hallmark cards are so expensive. Making your own cards is so much fun too . You can use any rubber or clear stamp . It doesn’t have to be a Tim Holtz stamp. You can buy stamps on CraftStash.co.uk too!

    1. Thanks SuzeS. I aim to answer all possible questions but if you have still got any questions you can always ask them via the comment box. I will be happy to answer them.

  3. Thank you for this great review. Your list of pros is very long for this item, which shows me how great this product is. Your knowledge and passion really comes through in this review.

    If I am in need, I know which product I can try!

    1. Thanks Bo. The Travel Stamp Platform is a great variation over the original Tim Holtz Stamp Platform . The size of the travel platform makes it portable, in case you want to take it to craft lessons or craft clubs!

  4. Thanks for the post. It is put together very nicely and is informative.It seems like a good hobby to take up.I always hear about stamping.This post opens my eyes on how it actually works.

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