Stay at Home Mom Business Ideas – Earn While You Are At Home

I am a stay at home Mom and when I had my first child I found it very difficult to go back to work (high childcare costs, desire to do everything for her myself etc.) and after my second child, it was impossible. But staying at home with your children brings its own challenges like lack of mental stimulation, boredom , financial issues etc. Therefore I would like to share some stay at home mom business ideas for those mothers who want to stay at home with their children and also earn an income on the side.

Are you creative person?

If you are a creative person and have got a skill or talent – maybe you are skilled at making jewelry or personalising handbags or making glass sculptures – you can sell it on a website called Etsy. You would have your own shop on Etsy to sell your products. Etsy would charge you a commission of 3.5% when you sell something plus a minimal amount as listing charges. Keep in mind that your products have to be handmade by you or designed by you. You cannot resell an item on Etsy.

Do you have a lot of unwanted items at home?

Go to each and every room of your home. Collect all things which you which are of no use to you- books (children as well adult), baby monitors you longer need, baby cot, toys (in good condition) , board games, children’s superhero or princess costumes etc. List them on Amazon or Ebay and sell them.

Continuing to Sell

Once you have completed the above step, you can continue your business by buying from Ebay and selling it on Amazon as Ebay items tend to be cheaper than Amazon. Make sure that before you buy anything from Ebay for purpose of reselling you check the prices on Amazon. Start small – buy few items at a time. Your goal should be making a profit and that too within few days otherwise your cash will be blocked.

Selling on Ebay

You can buy products from discounted stores or buy products which are going to be discontinued soon and sell them on Ebay. Again, make sure before you buy the products ,you know at what price they are selling for on Ebay otherwise you might either incur a loss.

Other Options for Selling

If you become good at buying things and selling them on Amazon you can even consider importing from other countries like India and China on a wholesale basis and sell them on Amazon. They are various training courses available on internet on how to source products and how to sell on Amazon .

Become a Blogger

You can also become a blogger like me- share your experiences and opinions. You can do this in 2 ways:

  • Ghost write blogs for others  for a fee
  • Write blogs on your own website and thereby promote products and services and earn commission. This is called Affiliate Marketing.


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Writing an e Book

If you are good at writing or have ever aspired to become a writer, you don’t need a big and expensive publishing company to publish your book. You can write your e book and list it on Amazon at a very minimal cost. e books have more exposure than printed books. They are also cheaper to buy than printed books. You can sell your book in a kindle version too which enables people to download on their kindle.


Fiverr is the largest online marketplace for freelance services at a very reasonable cost . You can either buy services on it or if you can provide some services yourself like graphics and design, writing and animation, you can become a seller on it and earn money!

Write Product Reviews

You can get paid for writing product reviews on Amazon. But you have to use the product and give an honest and detailed review of the product.

Online Surveys

Many companies pay you a minimal amount for completing their online surveys. Be warned the surveys are long, tedious and very time-consuming.

Be a Virtual Assistant

You don’t have to sit in an office every day to be somebody’s personal assistant. You can do same thing virtually from the comforts of your home by becoming a Virtual Assistant. There are a few websites which will help you get work.

Offline ideas

Here are some offline ideas –

  • You can sell your skill or talents to your child’s school too. For example if you are a good photographer, you can advertise photographing children or families at school fairs for a fee (with permission from the school) and other events like sports day or you can provide photographic coverage to parents for their child’s birthday party, for example.
  • If you are good at creating websites- you can go from shop to shop on the high street and offer them to set their website up .
  • Bookkeeping- if you have a got a head for numbers and basic knowledge of bookkeeping, you can offer bookkeeping services to small businesses like barbers, plumbers,gardeners,electricians etc.
  • Mortgage Advice- you can become a mortgage adviser and advice from home – but you will have to pass exams for it
  • Work from home Secretary- You can offer secretarial services from home if you have got experience as a secretary previously.

None of the above is a quick rich scheme. But with focus, perseverance and hard work , you will be successful even though you are working from home and looking after your children. If you are a stay at home Mom and would like to share your business ideas or some tips or strategies for running a business please put them in the comment box. It would be a great help to all mothers who are looking to start their own business!





8 Replies to “Stay at Home Mom Business Ideas – Earn While You Are At Home”

    1. Thanks Darren for your comment. That’s the beauty of online businesses, it give you flexibility (which every parent needs) and a good income (which everybody wants!). The important thing to remember is hardwork is always required.

  1. Hi, Pryia

    From all those option the one that appeals me the most is blogging. However, blogging without strategy and focus is just like another hobby because it’s hard to compete for audience. Therefore it’s hard to make money. That’s why it’s important to know how to target low competition keywords and take advantage of social media to boost traffic.

    I also think working as a freelancer is a great way to make money online, but unlike an internet business, it’s not scalable so people are still trading time for money.

    1. Thanks Stefan for your comment. You are right about blogging , there has to be some strategy about it and how to monetise your website. Freelancing is a great tip! If anybody is interested in freelancing they can advertise their services online – perhaps on Facebook !

  2. Thank you for this useful information, absolutely agree with, just stay focused on business online even if you don’t see results from the first time, it may take time but it’s definitely worth your while.

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