Starting Solid Foods for Babies -This is What You Need to Get Started

Starting solid foods for babies can be a nerve racking time for moms, especially first time moms. Before you start them on solids,you will need some weaning accessories for your baby. These items will make weaning simpler for you and your baby . Remember you do not need to buy fancy pots or fancy beakers for weaning. The simpler,the better . Items should be easy to use as well as clean, believe me , there will be a lot of cleaning to do!


Product name:Cosatto Noodle Supa Highchair

Ages: 6 months to 3 years

Maximum weight: 15 Kg

Dimensions: H 112 cm, W 56.5 cm, D 73 cm

Guarantee: 4 years

My rating:4/5

Other features

  • This award-winning highchair has 6 height position adjustable seat,3 tray positions to adjust for your baby’s growth
  • 2 single hand removable trays with a cup holder
  • Adjustable leg rest for extra comfort
  • 5 point harness
  • Free standing position with handy tray storage
  • Free 4 years guarantee(UK & Ireland only)
  • Box contains: 1 x highchair, 1 x washable PVC lined seat cushion, 1 x removable washable tray, 1 x 5 point harness,1 x 4 year warranty registration form



  • Cosatto has been around since 1980
  • Easy to remove, easy to clean trays
  • Easy to assemble the highchair
  • Padded reclining wipe clean seat gives extra comfort
  • Highchair can be folded away easily. It has handy tray storage space too. Therefore, it is a space saver
  • Top tray is dishwasher friendly
  • Lightweight highchair and can be moved from room to room very easily
  • Spare seat cover can be ordered from the Cosatto website for £20.
  • Available in 15 colours/designs


  • No storage basket
  • Requires a lot of strength and patience to remove the straps completely if you want to wash them
  • Sometimes the tray doesn’t slide in and out smoothly and is a bit fiddly
  • Expensive

Overall, a good quality product

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Water Proof Silicone Bib

Product name: Waterproof Silicone Bibs(2 pack

Ages: 6 months

My rating:4/5

Other features/Pros

  • Bib rolls up easily so you can easily carry it with you when you go in a restaurant or Grandparents home or for picnic with other parents.
  • No staining unlike cloth bibs. Prevents staining on clothes as well .
  • Silicone bibs last a long time unlike cloth bibs.
  • Bibs can be wiped clean or washed. These bibs wash and dry very well. You can also put them in the dishwasher.
  • The pouch of the bib stays open when it is being used. So lesser mess for you to clean as a lot of the food gets collected in the pouch .
  • Silicone bibs are more secure than cloth bibs(with Velcro fasteners) Baby can pull the cloth bib very easily but will not be able to pull a silicone bib.
  • Silicone bibs are hygienic – they don’t smell like waterproof bibs.
  • Easy to fasten or take off.
  • Available in 4 different colour combinations



  • Slightly expensive but will last for a long time

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10 Piece Bowl and Spoon set

Product name: Munchkin 10 Piece Bowl and Spoon Set

Ages: 6 months+

My rating:5/5


Other features/Pros

  • 10 pieces includes 4 bowls with lids and 2 soft spoons. Therefore you can use them at home as well when you are on the go !
  • You will need these soft tip weaning spoons. These spoons are perfect for early stage weaning or when you are starting solid foods on babies.
  • Great for weaning, toddler feeding and snacking .
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • 100 %BPA free
  • Bowls are 100% spill proof, leak proof and break proof
  • Capacity of bowl is 9.0 ounces fluid
  • Lid is interchangeable and easy to grip sides
  • Bowls stack up neatly
  • Munchkin is a known brand and has been around for 25 years


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Tommee Tippee First Cup

I started with these cups when I started weaning my kids at 6 months of age. From a young age, give your child water with meals. Do not give them juices or other drinks. Let them get used to having water. The Tommee Tippee First cup, I found was easiest to clean and maintain. In fact at the age of 1 year, when I started my kids on cows milk, I used the same cup for milk, first with the lid on and than without the lid. Here are the product details:

Product name: Tommee Tippee First Cup (Purple) (2 pack)

Ages: 6 months+

My rating:5/5

Colours:Red, Green, Turquoise,Purple

Other features/Pros

  • These cups are free flow cups, so make sure your child is upright before you give them this cup .
  • Beaker has got a hard spout
  • Spout has two holes
  • Beaker can be sterilised
  • Beaker has 2 handles which makes it easy to hold for the babies and toddlers
  • It can used as a cup without the lid, if your child can sip directly from cups.
  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Cups are very handy and portable- very easy to carry them when you are on the go


  • Make sure to wash the beaker especially the lid straight after it has been used for milk as the spout might get milk deposits.
  • When you close the lid after filling milk some milk might get sprayed on you due to the pressure .


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If you are looking for a baby food maker, read my review on The Phillips Avent 2- in – 1 Healthy Baby Food maker.

Healthy Start

As soon as you start weaning your baby, give them a healthy diet from the very beginning. I do not recommend any bottled or ready-made foods or purees. Only give them water on a daily basis (apart from milk) for drinks. Juices should only be given after they are full settled in their weaning and that too only occasionally. Read my post on How to Get Children to Eat Healthy before you start weaning.


With all the above items, you are ready to wean your baby ! All you need is the food to get started! If you would like any weaning tips, watch my video on weaning tips here.

If you have any experience with any of the products above, please share via comment box below.

Good luck with the weaning!


14 Replies to “Starting Solid Foods for Babies -This is What You Need to Get Started”

  1. This is a great post with lots of great information. I have a three year old, and it was not too long ago that we were going through this. The biggest mistake we made was introducing milk too soon, as this became a substitute for nursing and it took her a while to take to solid food.  Thanks for helping out all those parents so they don’t make the mistakes we did. 

    1. Weaning is all about trial and error. When I started solids for my kids, my health visitor advised me to give all three meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner from the very beginning.  It worked very well for me with both my kids. 

  2. Having a baby is pretty challenging especially for parents with no previous experience. It’s really nice that there is a blog like this out there which can help educate parents on steps to take.

    It’s a good list you’ve prepared to help parents prepare to begin giving solid meals to their toddlers. Any young couple would find this helpful. I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

    Thanks Priya for this write-up

    1. Thanks Louis. With my first child, I wasn’t sure about weaning at all or what I need to get started. The items I have listed are more than enough to start solid foods for babies. No fancy pots or containers required! If you have Amazon Prime, you can get all the stuff delivered the very next day! 

  3. My little one started eating solids in the last month or so. It’s so cute watching her show down. She loves food. The first bibs I used on her were homemade ones. They worked but stained really easily. My mom suggested getting plastic ones but I like the silicone idea better. They are also durable and easy to clean . Silicone bibs are portable as well!

    1. Thanks for your comment Nicole. Silicone bibs were very handy for me too ! The best feature of these bibs is that they have got  a pouch which stays open , when in use so that all the food falls inside the pouch. This reduced the cleaning a lot!

  4. These are some great products on your article for getting your baby started on solid foods. When my kids were young we didn’t have all these options. I really like the waterproof silicone bibs. Especially that it has a catcher for the food. That’s genius! That would have saved me a lot of clean up time because those toddlers can get very messy when they start eating solid foods. I have grandchildren now so I will point my kids to your website. Great article thank you! 

    1. Thanks Cory. I prefer to go for simple items , especially for babies/children . The silicone bibs are simple but very effective (due to the pouch feature). They are also very easy to clean. When you have got a mountain of laundry to do, you do not want to add more to it with the cloth made bibs and also have the added headache of removing the stains from the clothes and the bibs! 

  5. Hi there, thanks for sharing this review. Not just new mom should read this article but all nursing mothers, and even caring dads need to read it as well, taking care of the babies is not only the responsibility of the mom, but for both parents, talking about the experience of the products you have reviewed, I will go with the high chair, it’s a must for every parents to have this. It’s just like teaching the baby how to work without falling. 

    1. Thanks for your comment Yormith. Yes, you are right a child is a joint responsibility of both parents. A highchair not only keeps the child secure but also teaches the child to sit down and have his/her meals  with the family . As they are at a higher level in a high chair , they will observe the rest of the family eating their food and will “copy” their actions. Having a highchair is also a great way of getting the baby bond with the family and vice versa!

  6. My twins girls are 5 months old now and in just few weeks they would start eating something else than milk. My wife and I are doing research on it and short listing products that will help them to eat better.We are looking for a high chair that can be used for long time and safe for our child.

    1. Hi Sanjay. Thanks for your comment. From experience , I can tell you that always choose something which is easy to clean  and maintain. Choose simple things, the more complicated they are , the harder it will be to clean them. 

      Good luck with the weaning!

  7. Thank you for your post on starting solid foods for babies, I found this post very interesting for a new mum to be like me, it will be great help to me when I have my baby.

    The Cosatto Highchair, Water Proof Silicone Bib, 10 piece Bowl and Spoon set, Tommee Tippee First Cup listed on the post are enough to get babies started with solids in my opinion. 

    I like the fact that the pros and the cons have been clearly outlined. It will help parents make an informed decision.

    Thank you for sharing!

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