Smoking is Injurious To Health – Of Smokers children!

Couple of days ago, I was sitting in a coffee house with a friend and I saw through the window 2 lovely children (baby of few months and the other about 3 years old), outside the coffee house sitting in the stroller with their Mum standing next to them.Within few minutes, she pulled out a cigarette and started smoking, the smoke was all over the children. Perhaps nobody told the mother, Smoking is injurious to health! I also noticed that the cigarette smoke was irritating the baby’s eyes but the mother was totally oblivious to the whole thing ! How selfish and inconsiderate!

Are smoking parents unaware of the danger or are they just plain selfish?

Should I mind my own business?

I know I should mind my own business and not tell parents not to smoke, as it is their life. But what about the budding life of their children ! Some doctors class passive smoking as child abuse. Why should babies and children be subjected to secondhand smoke? Shouldn’t there be some law for this?

We all know that cigarette smoke is cancerous

Second hand smoke causes a lot of damage to health, we all know that. So why should you subject your child to this danger? Cigarette smoke not only causes cancer but also causes health issues in children later in life. It can also cause asthma and pneumonia in children.

Smokers who claim that cigarette smoke is not dangerous

There are a lot of smokers who claim that everything the medical experts or government agencies say about the dangers of a cigarette smoke are just made up things, you are just trying to find excuses so that you don’t have to give up smoking. But at least don’t smoke for your children’s sake!

“Children of smokers are up to four times more likely to get heart disease later in life” 


Parents are responsible for shaping the life of their children

If a child is always surrounded by smoke all the time, it is going to affect their mental and physical health. As per my previous post,Should parents be allowed to spank their children, parents are chosen by the universe to shape the lives of their children, they cannot not do this by harming their health .

I can sympathise with those smoking parents who have inherited this habit from their parents. But you cannot repeat the mistakes of your parents. You should be correcting them!

Children always copy their parents

Children always look upon their parents as their role models. They copy everything the parents do- good or bad. Therefore, children of smokers are most likely to be smokers, even if you limit their exposure to smoke! Smoking out of car window or outside the house is also not good enough! Smoke travels back in to the house or car ! It will also cling to your clothes and linger in your breath!

Mental health of the child

When parents smoke, they teach their children how to escape from all their fears and stresses by smoking rather than being brave and facing their fears! Smokers teach their children how to become a smoking addict ! This is not an ideal upbringing !

‘I do not smoke in front of my children’

If you say the above, then I would like to tell you that according to the experts, it best not to smoke at all, not even when your kids are not around, only then your children will be able to lead a healthy life.

Are you smoking because of peer pressure?

Did you start smoking because your parents smoke? or did a friend introduce you to smoking? Even if you did, it is never too late to stop. Think of your children now!

Cancer can strike anytime

Smokers , beware! Cancer doesn’t see what your age is or how many children you have  or how young your children are . If you want to see your children grow up, it is best to stop smoking . Smoking is cancerous and this is a proven fact!

How can you correct this situation

  • Accept that smoking is wrong thing to do as a parent.
  • If you are chain smoker or are unable to stop smoking, get professional help to stop smoking. Remember, the will to stop smoking has to come from within.
  • You have to remind yourself again and again that passive smoking is harmful to your children and that’s why you need to quit smoking.
  • If you have got relatives who smoke like grandparents, uncles or aunts- ask them not to smoke around your children. As a parent you are responsible for the safety and security of your child.

It is absolutely infuriating when you walk on the street with your child and cigarette smoke of all the smokers around envelopes you and your child! Smokers should have the moral and social responsibility of not smoking in public places which are frequented by families and kids!

I also feel that smokers are selfish in nature that by smoking they put the lives of other people in danger ! If smokers are not worried about their own health, then that’s their business but they have no right to put others lives in danger especially young and innocent children and babies!

Are you a parent who smokes? Have you got any relatives who smoke around your children? Do you think that passive smoking is child abuse? Please comment via comment box below, I would love to hear from you .

Meanwhile, stay safe and away from cigarette smoke!






6 Replies to “Smoking is Injurious To Health – Of Smokers children!”

  1. Very well written words.  I in no way believe that parents want to intentionally hurt their children.  Smoking is such a dependent habit that it takes over and controls your life.  Take this from a former smoker who quit.  I was just as guilty.  I smoked around my kids, in the car, walking and even back then in our home.  Yes, education is important but I believe we need to focus on convincing the parents to quit.

    1. Thanks Dale for sharing your story. I have never smoked but I can imagine how hard it is to get rid of a habit. But the important thing here is whether the parent has the will or desire to quit for sake of his/her children. I believe very strongly in the saying , “where there is a will , there is a way” ! 

  2. Hi!

    It is unfortunate that some parents choose to smoke around their children. I initially use to wonder whether they were ignorant about passive smoking or they were just downright selfish and didn’t care about the negative effects of smoking on their kids’ health. It wasn’t until when I noticed one of my lecturers (a pathologist) smoking in his home in the presence of his children. 

    Neither my husband nor I are smokers. I have a step-brother who smokes, but he’s responsible and avoids smoking at home. 

    I think smoking is not child abuse. Parents should simply be educated their habits might potentially harm their children.   

    1. Thanks for your comment Princila. Smoking is considered child abuse if you expose children to the smoke in my opinion . Parents are responsible for the physical well being of their children . If they are smokers, their children’s physical well being is jeopardised because the smoke stays on the smokers breath and clothing even after the cigarette has been put off , so his/her children can still inhale the smoke through the smokers breath and clothes. 

  3. Smoking is a nasty habit no matter which way you view it. It shortens lives and breaks up families. Someone who smokes should not be allowed around children. It shows a poor moral character and lack of concern for others. It should be treated as a mental health issue.

    People believed for many years that smoking was fine. It was not researched to the extent it is now. There is no longer the safety of believing it is safe to smoke. The evidence has proven time and again that smoking is harmful. it should not be done. By choosing to continue smoking people are choosing to do harm to themselves and to others. This is why they should be treated as having a mental health issue. Why would you choose to harm yourself and others? Why would you deny evidence that smoking is harmful?

    It is illegal in most places to smoke in a public building or within 15 feet of the entrance. this is great but what about the parks and sidewalks where other people have to be exposed to the smoke? It should be illegal to smoke in public period. I live in a state where marijuana has been legalized. People are allowed to smoke it in their own homes and vehicles but never in public. Why can we not make the same sort of law for cigarette smoking? We need to protect the children and ourselves from this cancerous hazard.

    1. Thanks for your comment Maryann. Smokers in the UK smoke just outside entrances and all the smoke makes its way inside the buildings! They smoke in public places frequented by families! This is unfair to non smokers!

      I agree with you smoking should be treated as a mental issue! 

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