Potty Training Toilet-Potty Which Looks Like a Toilet!

A parent can potty train their child only if the child readily sits on the potty.  It will be helpful if the potty training toilet seats are attractive so that the kids will be tempted to sit on it.  Therefore I would like to share two very “attractive” potty seats which will hopefully help the process of potty training for you and your child.

Summer Infant My Size Potty Review

Product name: Summer Infant My Size Potty

My rating:4/5

Ages: 18 months+


Other Features:

  • The best feature of the My Size potty is that it looks like a real toilet (mini toilet).
  • A realistic flush sound to reward the child. Please note that it is a pretend flush!
  • It has got a removable, easy clean bowl like a normal potty.
  • It includes a clip-on splash guard which helps in potty training boys.
  • It has got a realistic flip- up lid design which makes it possible for a little boy to learn how to go standing up.
  • Potty has got a built in wipe dispenser that keeps flush able wipes within easy reach. Alternatively, the lid can be removed and used for storage.

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  • The toilet look definitely works for little children. Children always like to copy the parents but they might find the ‘real toilet’ a bit daunting and therefore this ‘mini toilet’ will help start potty training.
  • Easy to clean bowl.
  • Potty training boys is a little harder especially with the wee. The splash guard and flip- up lid will help a lot with the wee’s. If you have a girl then you can easily remove the splash guard and store it.
  • Children can get the habit of using the flush sound so that they not only get used to flushing but also the sound of it. At time of potty training, my son was initially scared of the flush sound of the adult toilet. So this feature might be handy for some children.
  • Children can sit properly on the My Size potty rather than squatting. This might encourage children to use the potty.
  • My size potty is comfortable and supports the back of your child.
  • Due to the toilet design, once the child is settled in potty training, they might automatically ask to go on the adult toilet. Therefore, it will be easier to transition your child from potty to toilet .
  • The ‘cistern’ can be used to store books or flush able wipes.
  • You might have more success with this toilet lookalike potty if you have not had much success with normal potty.
  • Good quality product.
  • Available in 2 colours white and pink. Pink potty will work very well with little girls.


  • It is a little flimsy. If your child throws a tantrum and manages to give the potty a little push it will fall over!
  • Expensive potty .
  • Splash guard might make it a bit difficult for your little boy to sit on the potty- but do you need it ? You can encourage your little boy to hold it downwards to prevent wee splashing.
  • The seat cannot be removed to be used on an adult toilet.
  • Massive poos might not fit in the bowl!

I have put below my review of another potty which doesn’t look like a toilet so that you can compare both and choose one .

Feven 3-in-1 Potty Chair


Product name: Feven 3-in-1 Potty Chair

My rating:4.5/5

Ages: 18 months+




Other Features:

  • 3-in-1 potty chair is a potty seat which transforms into toilet training seat and a step stool.
  • Duck themed potty seat which makes it more fun and interesting for kids.
  • The potty chair is portable and can be used during travel.
  • Includes splash guard for boys.
  • Has handles on either side for support.


  • Multi purpose product. You only need to buy 1 product. Start the training with the potty chair. Once your child outgrows the chair it can be transformed into a toilet training seat and  a step stool. Great concept!
  • It is portable and can be used during travel.
  • Duck themed chair which will make it fun and interesting for your child.
  • Handles on either side for support which will help your child get on to the potty or toilet .
  • Splash guard feature for boys.
  • Removable parts make it easy to clean and transform.
  • Available in 2 colours , pink and blue .

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  • Slightly expensive potty.
  • Shape of the potty seat is more suitable for girls than boys.
  • No sound feature.
  • No pretend flush.
  • Step stool can take weight up to 45 kg- unless the parents are underweight, it can only be used by children.


From the above, I have come to the conclusion that Feven 3-in-1 potty chair has got an advantage over Summer Infant My Size Potty because:

  • The seat can be transformed into a toilet training seat and fixed on to the adult toilet. The balance parts can be transformed into a step stool.
  • Summer Infant My Size Potty is slightly expensive than  Feven 3-in-1 Potty Chair.

Out of the two I would choose Feven 3-in-1 Potty Chair due to the transformation feature. If you choose Summer Infant My Size Potty, you would still need to buy a toilet training seat after your child outgrows the potty to transition her/him to the adult toilet.

Always use the child toilet seat(to be attached to the toilet seat of the adult toilet) to prevent the child from falling into the toilet !

The books below helped me tremendously. Read them to your child everyday before you start potty training . This will prepare their mind as well as yours for potty training!


Remember to be patient. If the potty training isn’t working there is no harm in going back to nappies for few weeks and then trying potty training again.  If there are too many accidents happening then go back to the nappies. Try again after a couple of weeks !

If your child isn’t ready nothing will work . It is best to postpone the potty training for few weeks and then start again!

Good luck Shopping!


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