Playpens For Toddlers – My Recommendation

As soon as a baby starts crawling, parents have a tough time ensuring the baby’s safety on one hand and finishing household chores on the other hand. One way around it is to get playpens for toddlers. Another benefit of a playpen is it helps keeps the room tidy as all the toys of the baby are inside the playpen. It becomes even more necessary to get a playpen, to keep your toddler safe from an older sibling playing or if you have got any pets in the house.


There are a lot of playpens available but I would like to recommend to you a playpen which can be folded and put away, can be easily wiped and is affordable and of a good quality as well.

The Venture All Star JOY Portable Playpen

Product name: All Star Joy Playpen

Dimensions: 136x 136 x 75 /1.4 sq. metres

For Ages: 6-24 months

My rating: 5/5

Warranty: 90 days manufacturer’s warranty


Other Features

  • Easy to set up and fold down. Comes in a carry bag for easy transportation.
  • New patented folding mechanism, eliminates steel cross sections as seen in older versions.
  • Made with an all steel frame and reinforced stitching and a double locking system for extra safety.
  • Padded nylon water resistant floor mat which enables indoor and outdoor use of the playpen. Easy to wipe clean as well.
  • Sides are equipped with ventilating mesh walls for easy visibility.
  • Zip-opening panel for easy access(see pictures).
  • Lightweight frame which comes fully assembled.
  • This playpen meets British Safety Standards BS EN 12227:2010.

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  • It is very sturdy and therefore hard for the toddler to topple it over. When my children were small we had a gym nest, which my daughter was very easily able to topple it over and this was a safety concern for me ! No worries about that with this playpen!
  • Great quality.
  • Easy to put it up and fold it down on a daily basis. It can be done single handedly by Mums!
  • No cross bars and therefore prevents little ones from climbing out of the playpen.
  • This can be used indoors as well as outdoors. For example it can be used in the house or used in your back garden, in the park or on the beach! Easy to clean – just clean it with a damp cloth. You can also take it to grandparents’s home !
  • Playpen comes with a storage bag so easy to carry it around.
  • You can keep the side panel “open” so that your child doesn’t feel he/she is in a cage. They can move in and out of the playpen if they want. Some children might feel scared of sitting inside the playpen so if they have got the option of moving in and out of the playpen, they will settle in the playpen faster. The side panel also enables parents to sit in the playpen.
  • You can see the child through the breathable sides without having to look over the top of the playpen.

  • Very spacious inside the playpen – enabling the parent or sibling to play with the child . Your child can crawl as well as play with his toys.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • In case, you don’t have much room in your home you can fold and put the playpen away when your child is sleeping unlike other playpens which are not practical as they cannot be folded and put away.

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  • Padding of the mat might be thin for harder floors.
  • The metallic bars are hard so you might need to baby proof them .
  • It will take a bit of space and so if you are short of space you will have to fold down the playpen every evening when your child goes to sleep.
  • The sides are high so you might struggle to put the child from the top into the playpen. But you can put them easily from the side panel.


One of things which I (and I am sure other mothers ) struggled with was how to go to the toilet or the bathroom by leaving a crawling toddler unsupervised. This seems to be a good enough solution for this! Apart from that it is a good quality, safe product as well as reasonably priced. The negative points of this product are not important enough to avoid buying this product. Just make sure you have got enough space to place it as per the dimensions above. Therefore I would buy this product if I were looking for a playpen.

Have you ever used a playpen for your children? What has been your experience? If you have used this particular product please share your experiences for the benefit of other readers via comment box below.










6 Replies to “Playpens For Toddlers – My Recommendation”

    1. Thank you for your comment Floida. I agree with you , the side panel is a very attractive feature – the child can come in and out of the playpen when the parent is around. If the parent/grandparent needs to do some household chores or even go to the bathroom then the side panel can be kept closed to ensure the child’s safety!

    1. Thank you for your comment Carla. Portability is a very good feature of this playpen . Not only that , it can be used indoors and outdoors . Cleaning is very easy too, just wipe it off with a damp cloth!

  1. There is nothing worse than your toddler playing with loads of older children, it is so worrying. So one of these seems perfect, just for toddlers, much safer for them. Perfect for outdoors too, for the summer days, one of these and a paddling pool is perfect for a bubba on a warm day. Sorted 🙂

    1. Yes I agree Jayde. It is quite worrying for a toddler to be playing with loads of older children. The playpen just provides a “safe section” for the toddler , yet he/she can interact with the other children.  Also when you go to a park or a beach , you don’t want your toddler crawling somewhere you can’t see them – even if you have just turned your back for a second because it only takes them a second to wander off!

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