Parents Helping With Homework – Is It Important?

The ex- principal of my children’s school believed homework was totally unnecessary and even though homework was given to the children it was never marked by the teachers. The reason that the ex-principal didn’t believe in homework was parents helping their children with the homework. This wasn’t acceptable to her. I believe homework should be done by children but if they are unsure of anything – parents should help, support and guide them. Some parents may say they don’t have any time to help children with their homework.

It is an individual choice whether parents feel homework is important or whether they are able to find time to help children with their homework, but I believe homework is important for following reasons:

Consolidates their learning

Children learn from teachers at school. Maybe by the time they come home they have forgotten what was taught in the school. It is also possible that the child has misunderstood or not understood at all what was taught in the class. You might say my child would have asked the teacher if they didn’t understand, but from experience both as a mother and as a child (once upon time), I know that a child can feel very shy or embarrassed to tell their teacher that they didn’t understand the concept. They might even feel that they will be bullied by their classmates if they say they didn’t understand. Parents helping them with homework can therefore help consolidate the child’s learning at school.

Parents know what is being taught in school

Through homework parents know what is being taught in the school on the day or week of the homework. This is especially helpful for parents of younger children. Younger children don’t always tell their parents what they did in the school.

Parents can gauge child’s understanding

When the parent is sitting with the child to do her/his homework, they can understand how much the child has understood what was taught in the school. They can also know the child’s weak and strong subjects and accordingly work with them on the weak subjects.

Parent teacher meetings

Homework also help parents discuss the child’s performance with the teacher in the parent – teacher meeting. Sometimes what the child might not know/do in the school, he/she will able to do it more easily at home under the guidance of their parents.

One to one

When a parent helps/supports their child’s homework, the child gets total attention of the parent which is not possible in the school. For example if the child is weak in a particular subject he/she might need more attention. This can be done at home with the help and support of the parent.

Parent’s contribution

Through homework, parents can contribute to their child’s learning.

A way to spend time with your child

I know that homework is not a favourite activity of a child, but through helping your child at homework you can get to spend time with your child as well as build some bond with her/him. Children feel loved too if their parents are involved in every aspect of their life.

Show your child you care

Through homework you can show your child you care for them and their well-being. You can also show them that you as a parent consider education very important and that’s why you persevere with them.

Teaching children important values

While you do homework with your child, it is very likely your child will get frustrated if he/she can’t get their homework right. This is the time when you can teach your child, not to give up or to keep trying again and again till you get it right.

After reading all the above if you feel that homework is important for your child, here are some tips which can help you to get your child’s homework done regularly:

  • Manage your time – set aside some time every day for your child and their homework
  • Explain to your child that you have to do your homework at a set time everyday
  • Encourage them to do their homework on their own or tell them to explain to you how a particular maths problem has been taught to them at school. Let them teach you !
  • If they get a problem or a spelling wrong – don’t tell them off. Tell them to keep trying till they get it right. Teach them not to give up. Teach them to persevere
  • If on a particular day your child is tired or if they are not in the mood(you will know if they are not focusing at all) don’t force them to their homework – leave it for the next day but explain to them that they must finish it the next day. You do not want them making a habit of not finishing their homework
  • Lastly, make sure you praise them a lot – whether their achievement is big or small. Praise will go a long way- children will feel more encouraged as well as happy with themselves

I reward my children with (reward) stickers whenever they show a good performance .

Do you believe in homework? Can you suggest any tips or tricks for making children do their homework? Type them in the comment box below and send it to me! I would be happy to hear from you.

Good luck with the homework!





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