Nutribullet 600 Review -Get your 5 A Day in Minutes

I would like to share  with you Nutribullet 600 review  with a view to encourage healthy eating not only for parents but also for children. Once you read my review , you will know how easy it is to make yourself and your  children have their 5 a day!

Product: NutriBullet 600


Size: 0.68 litres
Warranty: 1 year
My rating:


The Nutribullet 600,Product Overview

The Nutribullet 600 is not a juicer or a blender but a nutrition extractor. According to Nutribullet , a nutrition extractor grinds all the fruits vegetables, seeds in such a way that all the nutrients will not only be retained in the smoothie but also the smoothie’s nutrition will be easily absorbed by the body. Nutribullet 600 is the original Nutribullet blender. It can grind seeds, hard skin and can crush ice too. It is an 8 piece set and includes:

  • 1x high-torque power base
  • 1x extractor base
  • 1x tall cup – 680ml
  • 1x short cup of 511 ml
  • 1x handled comfort lip ring
  • 1x stay fresh lid
  • 1x user manual with receipes
  • 1x pocket nutritionist

Other Product Features :

  • Power/wattage:600w
  • Weight:1.9Kg
  • Colour: Graphite
  • Cups are made of plastic


Reasonably Priced

Nutribullet 600 is reasonably priced . It is not as cheap as Breville . But Nutribullet is the original nutrition extractor with Nutribullet 600 being the first of its kind.


Easy to Clean

Cups and lids are top rack dish washer safe. The motor base and blades don’t go in the dishwasher. But it is easy to rinse with warm water and soap!


Family Friendly

You can make smoothies for breakfast for the whole family. You can get your kids to have vegetables including kale and spinach in the smoothie.



5 A day
Easy to get your 5 a day in 1 drink! Parents can make their child have their 5 A day easily with Nutribullet especially if your child is a fussy eater. Keep the fruits or vegetables washed, peeled or chopped at night. In the morning you just have to blend it in the Nutribullet and give it to your family for breakfast.

Make sure to add water
Read the instructions carefully regarding adding water. Especially if you are adding seeds or dates(remove the seeds from the dates) . This reduces the chances of the motor burning out.

You can put frozen fruits and vegetables

You can add frozen strawberries or frozen bananas to your smoothie especially when the weather is warm.


You can even make baby puree with it but may take a bit of time
 If you are a mom, the Nutribullet would be useful to you as well as your baby. It will help the mother get all her nutrition(especially required after child birth and if you are breastfeeding). You can also use it to make baby puree. It will take longer though. You can blend the vegetables first and then heat it on the hob. You can make soups in the same way as well.

Nutribullet tall cup is BPA free

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Blades might break if you put ice
If you put ice on it’s own the blades might break. But you can add ice to vegetables or fruits if you have added water as per the instructions manual.

Leaking Problem
The initial Nutribullet 600 had problems with their blades which lead to leaking. But now the problem has been fixed. If you buy Nutribullet, make sure you have got the new blades.

Some people think it’s a very noisy machine. But since it works very fast you won’t have to endure the noise for long.

Peeling hard skin
You will have to peel hard skin for fruits like avocado or pineapple or oranges(or any citrus fruit).

Only 1 power setting

Nutribullet has only 1 speed setting . You can’t change speeds. It is very powerful anyway so you don’t need multiple speed settings.

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Reasons to Buy a Nutribullet

You can buy and use the Nutribullet 600 for:

  • Weight loss – make sure you use vegetables and not fruits as fruits have natural sugars in them which will impede your weight loss. Or put a very minimal quantity of fruit(5-10%).
  • Getting 5 A day for you and your family- You can easily get your 5 A day by drinking the vegetable and fruit juice.
  • You can make ice cream at home – by adding frozen bananas to milk!
  • If you are looking to make your child stop drinking ready made juices- you can make juices at home. Ready made juices have lot of sugar and preservatives which is not good for anyone, adults or children. Your child would be satisfied that he/she got his/her juice, and as a parent you would be happy that you have given your child a healthy, sugar free or at least a preservative free juice! Do remember that all fruits have natural sugars .
  • Nutribullet is easy to clean, so if you dislike washing up as much as I do, then this is the blender for you!
  • Nutribullet 600 has been approved by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute.
  • Nutribullet retains more nutrients in the juice than a juicer- at least according to Nutribullet!

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If you are a full time working parent , who struggles to cook healthy meals then this is a perfect device to encourage healthy eating for the whole family.  It is healthier to have vegetables juices then fruit juices due to the sugar factor.

Finally it depends on the parents to encourage healthy eating to their children. Parents will have to lead the way as children always copy their parents.  Parents will have to persevere in order to teach healthy eating habits to their children.  If parents give their children healthy eating habits, this will be with them(children) throughout their adult life too!

Read my post on How To Get Children TO Eat Healthy.

Do you have any experiences to share ? Or do you have any recipes of any smoothies to share? Please do get in touch by putting your comment below. I will be happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, juice away!

All the best,



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