Nintendo Switch Game Review – Is this Game For You and Your Family?

Nintendo Switch is a favourite pastime among families. It provides perfect family bonding time especially on wet Sunday afternoons ! The only thing parents would have to worry about is their children beating them ! So here is the Nintendo Switch game review – with all the features, pros and cons.

Please bear in mind that with Nintendo Switch you would be increasing the “screen time” for your children. It is my opinion that everything in moderation is fine. As long as your children are getting enough exercise and mental stimulation in a day , it is perfectly fine to enjoy playing games for an hour or so occasionally.



Nintendo Switch Game Review

Product name: Nintendo Switch Console

Warranty: Nintendo systems carry 12 months warranty. Games and accessories have 3 months warranty.

My rating: 4/5

Other features:

  • Switch and play with anyone, anytime and anywhere.
  • There are 3 modes, television mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode. The tablet for handheld mode has 6.2 inch screen.
  • The 2 Joy-Con can be used as a traditional controller by attaching them to the Joy-Con grip. If you do not attach the Joy-Cons to the Joy-grip, you can use each Joy-Controller as an individual controller ! Both Joy-cons can be attached to main console also to play in handheld mode.
  • Each Joy-Con has a full set of buttons and can be used as a standalone controller. Each Joy-Con has got an accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensor which makes independent right and left motion control possible.
  • The left Joy-Con has got a capture button with which you can take a screenshot of the game and share it on social media. The right Joy-Con has a NFC touch for connecting to amiibo figures. It also has an IR motion sensor camera which can detect from a distance,shape and motion of nearby objects in specially designed games.
  • Both Joy-Cons have got advanced HD rumble which provides subtle vibrations which feel very realistic. For example, you can feel the vibration of ice cubes colliding inside a glass when shaking a Joy-Con. This features gives a touch of realism – apart from the sight and sound effect.
  • You can buy Nintendo Switch with pre loaded games like Mario Kart 8 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a bundle , which will be cheaper. If you buy the game separately it will cost you more. Another option is to buy the bundle below which includes the console, Mario Kart 4 , 2 joy cons inserted in into a steering wheel and neon green and neon pink joy cons which can be used independently .

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  • You can use the parental control app which provides control over the time your child plays with it, you can suspend the game when time is up with the “suspend software” feature, monitor what games they are playing, set different times for playing on different days of the week. For example, they can play for longer time on weekends and for a lesser time on week days. You can also control if you want  your child sharing screenshots of the game on social media or not.


  • Overall the product has great quality as it from Nintendo. If you are a Nintendo fan then there is no need to say this!
  • Great fun for families. Perfect ‘family gift’. Provides great family bonding time!
  • You can play with it on the go too in the handheld mode. This would be handy if you need to keep kids busy at restaurants, airports etc.
  • Nintendo has got the best games like Mario, Zelda ,Mario Kart etc.
  • The Joy-Con batteries are very good and last for a long time.
  • You can seamlessly move from big screen to small using the handheld console. So if the family feel you are taking over the TV , you can move to the handheld console while the rest of the family watches TV !

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  • Console is expensive and each game is very expensive. But if you buy the console with a pre installed game, it will be cheaper.
  • There are only 2 controllers so if you are a family of four or five, you will have to take turns playing . Again buying a bundle with extra joy cons would prove cheaper .
  • Some children under 8 years of age might struggle to use the controls .
  • Children can get hooked to the games in case you are planning to limit or reduce screen time. You can use the parental control app to control the screen time your child gets.
  • Nintendo Switch is more known for its offline games and PS4 is known for its online games, in case you are looking to play only offline or only online. You have to pay subscription for online games now unlike before when they were free.
  • The main console is just for gaming. You cannot use it like a regular tablet for accessing You tube etc.

Nintendo Online Membership

Local and online multiplayer. You can connect up to eight consoles for multiplayer or online play with friends around the world. The online play is chargeable and not free. You can subscribe to online play here.


Nintendo has got great games but its online service is not at par with other online games providers. There are problems with customer service, online access not working or the fact that they just email you the code rather than physically sending it in a gift wrapped box – in case you want to gift it to someone. Annual membership is  cheap!

My opinion is offline is better than online – offline has got great games and kids will be safer offline!


Nintendo Switch has got the best games like Mario,Breath of the Wild etc. But Nintendo is more known for its offline games. Both Nintendo Switch and the games are a very expensive so  buy if you are not too bothered about the cost. If price is not an issue then it can be great fun for entire family. You can use parental controls to control the time and games your child plays .

It has to be remembered that console itself comes with only  2 joy cons, so if you are a family of 3 or more it would be cheaper to buy a bundle like the Mario Kart 4  Bundle.

Enjoy if you buy!  Don’t forget to share your experience or opinion of Nintendo Switch via comment box below.


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8 Replies to “Nintendo Switch Game Review – Is this Game For You and Your Family?”

  1. You can’t go wrong with Nintendo and games like these.  Thanks for sharing the cons as well, like having to buy additional controllers and the fact the games are quite expensive.  Still, these products are of good quality so one thing about them is they are long lasting for your family to enjoy.

    Thanks for the thorough review on this game!Cheers, Sharon

    1. Thanks Sharon. One of the best features of Nintendo Switch is its ability to switch from big screen to small screen! The quality is great as well so it well worth the price. Like you said , you can’t go wrong with these!

  2. I was looking into getting a Nintendo Switch this Christmas for one of my sons but as you point out – the software and the actual hardware seems to be very expensive. 

    I was put off by the fact that there are only two controllers, and most families are made up of more than two people. How much does each controller cost? Are they also extremely pricey like the Xbox One controllers?

    1. Yes, I agree Chris. Nintendo Switch is quite expensive but the Nintendo games are the most popular too like Mario and Donkey Kong. So you are paying more for the games than the console. One option is to buy a console with a pre loaded game , that would be cheaper than buying the console and the game separately!

      As far as I know you have to buy another console and connect both consoles and then play as a family . So then you would have 4 controllers!

  3. I think the “suspend software” feature is a brilliant idea. To control the amount of time your kids spend playing on the console is very important in my opinion. I certainly wish that feature was available when my son was gaming!

    The one game I have always loved playing on Nintendo systems is Donkey Kong. Is this available for the Switch?

    1. Yes I agree with you David. There are so many screens around us all the time and too much screen time is not good for the kids development. Donkey Kong is still available with Switch. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  4. Hi Priya! I have been considering buying Nintendo Switch! I really like the fact that you can use it on the go in the hand held mode and also on a TV set. And I’m a huge fan of Nintendo and I know the high quality they always deliver!

    I like playing offline games, so I’m ok with that! I’m a bit concerned about the price, but I think it’s a good investment for those long hours at the Airport. Thank you very much for this review!

    1. Good to hear from you Henry. Nintendo Switch has got great games especially Mario! I agree with you , it is a great investment as the whole family can play with it . It is not just limited to kids – adults can have hours of fun with it as well!  It really depends on the person how much they intend using it . If it won’t be used by the family often then it will feel expensive. But if it is used as a source of family entertainment and family bonding , it is a great investment!

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