Nintendo DS Console Reviews – 2DS or 2DS XL

It is September and I am sure many of us are already wondering what Xmas gift are we going to give our children. For those who would want to buy a Nintendo DS but have no clue which want to choose, here are Nintendo DS Console Reviews for 2DS and 2DS XL.

Nintendo 2DS

Product Name: Nintendo Handheld Console 2DS with pre installed Mario Kart – 7

Where to buy:

Price: £96.76

Ages:3 years and over


Warranty:12 months Nintendo Warranty

My Rating:4/5

Box includes: 1 x 2DS Console and charger

Other features:

  • Top Screen size 3.53 inches. Slate designed and gives sharp 2D visuals.
  • The 2 DS is useful especially for young users due to the size and the shape of the console.
  • This particular console comes with a pre-installed game of Mario Kart-7 and charging power adapter.
  • It comes with a SD memory card (2GB).
  • Nintendo 2DS is backward compatible which means you can also pay DS games on it. You can also play 3DS games on this. It plays 3D games in 2D only.
  • You can download games and applications from Nintendo e-shop with WIFI connection .
  • Keeps you always connected with features like Street Pass(you can swap your game data as you pass other users on the street as long as you want to) and Spot Pass(you can receive new game content, trailers and news automatically and play games online with others in a WIFI connection).
  • It comes with parental control through which parents can restrict content by game’s rating or regulate use of WiFi connectivity.
  • The device comes with a sleek stylus which for using touch- screen controls.
  • The 2 DS is available with a pre-installed game. You can choose the device which comes with the game you want. For example Mario Kart – 7 or new super Mario bros.2 .



  • If you are a Nintendo fan, then there is not much to say except that this is simply brilliant.
  • 2DS is a good for young children as some children experience motion sickness due to the 3D effect on 3DS.
  • The 2DS runs on the latest 3DS software.
  • This is a great way to keep children busy while traveling or during school holidays or when you need your child to be absolutely quiet!
  • Parental control features helps parents to be control of how much time they want their child to play on the 2DS or which game they want their child to play as per the age rating of the game or even regulate the WIFI connection.
  • The pre- installed game can be uninstalled to make space on the memory card. If you change your mind you can re-install it from the e-shop free!
  • Good fun for kids and adults!


  • 2 GB SD memory card might not be enough if you want lots of games downloaded.
  • If you are buying for a child, you would need a screen protection as 2DS doesn’t fold up, so screen is always exposed and could be damaged by the child if he/she drops it. Also,you might need to buy an extra stylus in case the child loses the one which comes in the box or chews it up while playing on the DS2!
  • If you are buying for an adult, they might get cramps within few minutes due to the small size of the console.
  • You can only play single player games without WiFi.

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Nintendo 2DS XL

Product Name: Nintendo Handheld Console 2DS XL with pre installed Mario Kart – 7

Where to buy:

Price: £134.99

Ages:3 years and over


Warranty: 12 months Nintendo Warranty

My Rating:4/5

Box includes: 1 x  2DS XL Console and charger


Other features/Pros

  • Screen size is 82% larger than 2DS. Screen size for 2DS XL is 4.88 inches which is same as a new Nintendo 3DS XL system.
  • A built in near -field- communication(NFC) makes it easy to use amiibo(sold separately). So if you want to buy amiibo cards and figures, it is better to buy 2DS XL rather than 2DS.
  • Stylus provided for touch -screen
  • Nintendo 2DS XL has a Clamshell design which makes it possible to stow it away when playing on the go.
  • SD Memory card is 4GB which means more memory than the one provided with 2DS.
  • Plays all Nintendo 3DS games, new 3DS and DS games in 2D.
  • 2 sets of should button which provides more control.
  • The system is lighter but is as powerful as the new Nintendo 3DS XL.
  • If you like everything on 3DS except the 3D effect then 2DS XL is what you need. 3D effect causes motion sickness for some children.
  • It reminds every 30 minutes to take a break which actually helps limiting screen time for children .
  • 2DS XL is a lot faster than 2DS in terms of loading and running the games.


  • Visuals will be still displayed in 2D only.
  • Not all 2DS XL except this one(available on Amazon) would come with a pre-installed game.
  • 2DS is cheaper than 2DS XL.
  • Screen resolution(400 x 240) is the same as 2 DS which is a bit disappointing.

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Nintendo 2DS XL seems to be a better buy overall than Nintendo 2DS due to it bigger screen size as well as speed, NFC support for amiibo , more memory on SD card etc. Also if you do not want the 3D feature of 3DS and 3DS XL, then it is better to buy 2DS XL. Nintendo 2DS XL is considered a lighter version of Nintendo 3DS minus the 3D effect. 2DS XL is also much cheaper than 3DS(around £70 cheaper).

Therefore I would buy Nintendo 2DS XL out of the two.

Do you have any experience of buying or playing with either of the two consoles? What is your opinion ? Which one is better? Share via comment box! I would love to hear from you !





4 Replies to “Nintendo DS Console Reviews – 2DS or 2DS XL”

  1. Hi Priya!

    Great review! I’m looking to pick up one of these as a gift for a friends son. You saved me a ton of work by posting this review! My boys grew up playing Nintendo but have moved onto bigger things like Playstation and Xbox 🙂 Ha!

    Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks for your comment Steven. How did your boys like playing on the Nintendo? Nintendo 2DS and 2DS XL are great to play on the go . Also older children who are uncomfortable with playing on 3DS and 3DS Xl due to the 3D effect should buy 2DS XL as it has the same features as 3DS minus the 3D effect. Nintendo 2DS XL is cheaper and would save money for the parents!

  2. Great information! Sometimes technology moves so quickly we don’t know which is the better buy or has the features the kids really need! Thanks for the article, it shed a lot of light on these 2 products!

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