Is Parenting Hard? – Is It Worth It?

“Is parenting hard?” is the question often asked by couples contemplating having a child. Is it worth it? Sometimes people who already have children think of parenting as the most difficult job(me included) . Then why do people have children? Parents moan non-stop about their children – why didn’t they think about this before they decided to have children? Is parenting only about pressures, worry and stress? Is there something, that people miss out on if they don’t have children?





Let me highlight a few things below which your child will bring your life:

Your child is your teacher

Some parents always think that a parent has to teach the child discipline, good behaviour, family culture, maths homework etc. But try to look at the other side of the coin. Your child teaches you:

  • How to learn to be patient.
  • How to teach your body to stay awake the whole night and do all the chores including looking after your child the next day without feeling the exhaustion.
  • Multi tasking- there is no job in this world which teaches you how to multi task as much as parenting does.

My most favourite ones:

  • How to be an emotion switcher (within five seconds!). This is the scenario: My kids are fighting with each other, I get angry with them, tell them off. They say sorry with that look .. POOF … . anger is gone .. Replaced with a Mum’s heart brimming full of love for her children. You experience this magic only with your children. Children can teach parents how to have dual emotions at the same time.
  • Before you have children- you would think I can’t do so much work in a day – “it is impossible” . Once you become a parent you can pack in the same amount of work in an hour !

You grow as a person

Once you have a child- he/she is your responsibility . Whether you have any emotional, physical or financial problem, you have still got to love and look after your child  and play with them. You wouldn’t believe how much you grow as a person.

Your faith in the universe becomes stronger

When you see your baby soon after he/she is born- you would feel as if the biggest miracle has happened in your life. Watching your kids grow, makes you realise the power of the creator of the universe which increases your faith. As you handle your child and deal with your own issues – your faith will get stronger in God or universe.

Children give you the reason to be happy

If a parent has had a stressful day, spend one hour playing with the kids- become a child yourself. Before the  hour is up, all your stress would have disappeared. Such is the power and sweetness of a child!

Your life will be busy

Your life will be busy, upside down but you won’t be sitting lonely and depressed if all your “partying friends” are busy .

You will be the most important person in your child’s life

If you have ever come across a phase in your life, when you feel you are not able to please anyone- your boss, your spouse,your siblings or even your parents- fear not ! You will always be the most important person in your child’s life. Your child will give you a reason to love yourself once again!

Parenting teaches you to care and share

Parents have to practice what they preach to their children. If you teach your children to care and share, you will have to demonstrate it to your children. This would automatically make you a better human being.

Parenting gives you fulfillment

Parenting or having a child gives immense fulfillment despite the sleepless nights and hard work and loads of laundry! You are responsible for another life. It is an honour too to be entrusted with another life by the universe.

Parenting makes you selfless

Parenting makes you selfless. When you become a parent , you are constantly thinking about the welfare and needs of your child all the time. This makes you very selfless. You are not thinking only about yourself all the time.

You will be able to leave your legacy to someone

Everybody want to leave their imprint before they depart from this world. You can leave your imprint through your children by giving them your upbringing , thoughts, opinions, culture etc.

But before you decide to have a child it is important to :

  • Understand that your life will change forever.
  • You will have to move mountains to raise your children.
  • It involves a lot of hard work and sacrifices.
  • Your child/children will always be your number one priority until they become adults. Nothing or nobody is more important than your child/children.

Apart from the above,  there are a few other things I would like to highlight,

Parenting- if you have no help

There are many parents like us (my husband and I) who have no help with the children. But that shouldn’t be a reason not to have children. A child is always best looked after by the parents, in my opinion. It is hard but you will see the fruits of it sooner or later. Parents can love, guide,discipline,instruct, teach children like no one else can. Every other relation for the child is optional or a bonus.

If you have seen other parents being miserable

Do not let the misery of other parents dictate whether you should have a child or not. A person should make up their own mind whether they are ready to have a child or not. There are good and bad days, ups and downs when you are a parent. Ups and downs are a part of life whether you are a parent or not. Finally, it is the attitude of the parent which will decide how happy the parent is after having the child!


Parenting is a choice. In my opinion, having children is the natural progression in life. Parenting teaches things which nothing else can and most of all becoming a parent is one of the most joyous moments of our lives. Are you a parent or planning to be one? Do you think parenting is hard? Please get in touch via comment box below.


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