How to Start A Home Based Business For Free – Wealthy Affiliate Review

The reason for letting you in on my little secret of how to start a home based business for free, is that I fully understand the hardships, parents have to go through with looking after children as well as earning a livelihood. It becomes harder if you do not have anybody to help you look after your children. Before I found Wealthy Affiliate, I was not getting anywhere with part time job hunting. I found one full time job at one point but I left it in 2.5 weeks. I just couldn’t cope with it and the kids as my husband also works full time!

Anyway, cutting my sad story short, as soon as I found Wealthy Affiliate, I felt I have found a purpose in life with which I could not only help parents like us (me and my husband) but also I found a way to recreate my identity after motherhood!

You need a computer – desktop or a tablet or a laptop to run this home based business. Ideally it is better if you have a desktop or a laptop.

So here is the review of Wealth Affiliate, which has changed my life !

Overview of Wealthy Affiliate

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Co-owned by: Kyle and Carson

Website :

Eligibility : Anyone over the age of 18 years

My rating: 4.5/5

Wealthy Affiliate is the home of Affiliate Marketing. In simple terms, Affiliate Marketing means you choose a niche(a topic which you are passionate about or is your interest or a hobby) . Through Wealthy Affiliate’s step-by-step training and ample resources and support, you can set up a (WordPress)website . On this website, you can write blog posts on various topics under your niche. Through the website you also, promote other people’s products and services and earn commission.

If you are still not sure what a niche means, check out this perfect explanation of niche by Kyle here .

Click on the image below to get niche ideas:

Free Starter or Premium Membership

The first question for setting up any business is to calculate the cost. But if you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate, you have the option of subscribing to a free starter membership – just so you can check it out for yourself whether this is something you want to do or not! If you decide to upgrade to premium, the cost will be either $49/month or $359/year. It will be your choice whether you want to pay monthly or yearly ! You do not need to give any credit card details to subscribe for the free starter membership !

So how are you going to earn money ?

There are so many people on the internet every day. Everybody is always looking for information on the net. A lot of them might be looking for information which you can provide through your blog posts on your website. This will bring visitors to your website (Traffic) . If they buy products or services you are promoting, you earn commission! Have a look at the diagram of Affiliate Marketing below.

= = > > Click here to start your free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate = => >

Are there any other costs involved ?

You will have to have

  • A broadband connection
  • Electricity

Which you would be having anyway at home!

If you are starting out as starter member you will be building a website on domain which is a completely free website. You can build up to 2 free websites as a starter member.

Premium membership has to be paid via PayPal or Debit/Credit Card.

Countries barred from Free Starter Membership

Due to scams and frauds certain countries have been barred from free starter memberships, they have to subscribe straight for premium membership. These countries are:

  • Bangladesh
  • Egypt
  • Ghana
  • India
  • Kenya
  • Morocco
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam
  • Nigeria

= = > > Click here to start your Premium membership to Wealthy Affiliate = => >

Types of Training

Once you subscribe to Wealthy Affiliate, You will have access to the following trainings:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  2. Affiliate Boot camp Training (70 lessons)
  3. Live interactive video classes (weekly)
  4. Video and text based tutorials (1000+)
  5. Course ,lesson and task based training



What exactly is the difference between a Free Starter and a Premium Membership?


Do you actually make money on Wealthy Affiliate or is it a scam or a rip off?

Let me explain you this by telling you the pros and cons of Wealthy Affiliate :




  • Highly affordable – if you  go for premium membership – it is a very reasonable price
  • Value for money – the amount of training, support and resources that you get – the membership is more than worth it.
  • Detailed training- whatever route you choose – Online Entrepreneur Certification or Affiliate Bootcamp training- all the steps are explained in great detail. You can watch the trainings as many times as you want to get a solid foundation for your business.
  • Tasks at the end of every lesson. At the end of every lesson, you are given a task to complete- this will give focus and direction to your business. In case, you get stuck completing the task, help is always available.
  • After completing the trainings and through the membership, support and help is available all the time by the members including the co-owner, Kyle himself!
  • Site Support- if you have any technical issues with your website or your Wealthy Affiliate account – Site support is available all the time, every single day.
  • Community support – Wealthy Affiliate has got a fantastic community. They will help you if you are stuck with anything or to inspire you, motivate you or guide you or give you solutions to problems you might be facing in your business. This is the best feature of Wealthy Affiliate. Self Employment is always considered a lonely road. But Wealthy Affiliate has provided a solution to this as well.
  • If you subscribe to the Premium membership, you will not require any other course or product to run your business.
  • This is suitable for anybody of any age (18+years) whether you are old or young, employed or unemployed, part-time or full time worker, retired or not. You DONOT need any experience of online business or any online knowledge, Everything is provided for under the Premium membership.
  • Wealthy Affiliate also provides you the option of “trying” it out through the Free starter membership – so that you know whether Affiliate Marketing is for you or not. You are not obligated to pay anything if you decide to stop the free starter membership.
  • In Affiliate Marketing you do not have to create a product or service to sell – as you are just promoting other people’s products or services. No Physical stock involved. No delivery problems to deal with!
  • Affiliate Marketing provides immense flexibility which is necessary for parents. You can work at your convenience. There is no 9-5 here.
  • Affiliate Marketing is a great and a proven way to earn passive income.
  • You can work part-time or full time depending on daily schedule.

= = > > Click here to start your free starter membership to Wealthy Affiliate = => >



  • There is a lot of chatter on the site itself from members blogging on the site or questions being asked as well as the live chat option. You have got to remember not to waste time or minimise time wastage on banter with other members. You have got to keep the focus on the trainings and on your business. Make yourself productive.
  • Online business including Affiliate Marketing takes a while to start earning money. You have got to be consistent with your work and belief- ignore the naysayers.
  • People- meaning friends and relatives who have no clue about Affiliate Marketing will try to put you off – do not pay heed to them. Follow your instinct.
  • Lots of hard work required. There is no overnight success. This will not give you immediate cash – if that is what you are looking for! Discipline and perseverance is required – big time!
  • If you live in the countries barred from free starter membership – you will not have the chance to “try it out”. You will have to begin with the Premium membership of $49/month or $359/year.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is only in English Language. You have to know how to write and read English .
  • If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate then your commissions will be paid via PayPal. This is something you will have to consider if you do not have access to PayPal.

I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best,if not the best platform for Affiliate Marketing I would definitely choose Wealthy Affiliate over any other Affiliate Marketing courses as:

  • You might NOT get community support
  • You might NOT get Site support in case of technical issues
  • You might NOT get any help or support if you do not understand any aspect of the training.

Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate

If you still require proof that Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam or a rip off, read success stories below:

Success Story 1

Success Story 2

Success Story 3

There are tons more on the Wealthy Affiliate website .


Wealthy Affiliate Platform provides you everything you need to become an Affiliate Marketer under one roof. If you would like to earn a passive income or are looking for flexible or part-time work, try out the free starter membership today !

Have you had any experience with Wealthy Affiliate? Are you still a member? Please share via comment box.



18 Replies to “How to Start A Home Based Business For Free – Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. WOW… This is very informative review of Wealthy Affiliate’s web-site. Great job. Lot of information.

    The best thing I like about Affiliate Marketing is the flexibility it provides. No 9-5 grind here! The results shown on the article are truly awesome!

    1. Yes Daniel. The results are mind blowing. I joined Wealthy Affiliate because it seemed perfect for a mother like me to have some flexible working. If you work hard consistently anybody can achieve these results!

  2. This is a nice review and great write-up on Wealthy Affiliate program. You have done a great job by putting all these together in the most creative form that I’ve ever seen before. You have succinctly provided some information about Wealthy Affiliate that I wasn’t aware about either , being a Wealthy Affiliate member! Thank for the wonderful review.

    have a nice day

    1. Thanks Salim. I wanted to share my experiences and my reasons for joining Wealthy Affiliate, so if any other mother comes across a situation similar to mine, they would benefit from my post! 

      You have a great day too!

  3. Great and informative post!

    Spending time with my wife and kids was my main reason in pursuing a home-based business. I’ve also joined Wealthy Affiliate in the past two months and have learned a great deal that would have taken serious research, time, and effort to find the necessary information that they gift wrap to you in the premium membership. With gaining the right information from Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to just continue building my content and generating more and more traffic each day. 

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you ! Wealthy Affiliate provides all the information and resources you need to become an Affiliate Marketer. If you try to do it on your own , it might take months if not years to get all the pieces of the puzzle together of Affiliate Marketing!

  4. This very important and informative review regarding the ways to earn while you are at home and making a living. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for while and it’s the best place to learn. You get more than expected  and the quality of training you get from them is second to none.i will urge people to join in large numbers for there is more than enough for all us to gain from Wealthy affiliate.

    1. Thank you Charles. Everyday billions of people use the internet . So you are right , there is enough for everyone!

      I have certainly received more than I expected from Wealthy Affiliate!

  5. Thank you so much for the article on starting a home based business through WA. I am a WA member too. I was looking for a online job few months ago. Fortunately, I have found WA. I highly recommend WA. I do not have words to express my gratitude towards WA. It’s the most helpful community I ever had. 

    1. I know what you mean Yashodhara. I had a full time job too but I had to leave it because I just couldn’t cope with it and my kids. Wealthy Affiliate has provided me with a new identity post motherhood!

  6. This is a very informative article. I joined Wealthy Affiliate yesterday and already, I am loving it. I already know that it is not a scam.

    The level of training and support that is provided is second to non. It is a sure way of making money online through affiliate marketing. In addition, one gains a lot of knowledge on running their business along with free resources offer like hosting and website/blog.

    1. That’s very good Richard. Hosting of the website is included in the membership so you don’t need to pay for hosting separately. Another great point of Wealthy Affiliate is that even though you are self employed, you never feel lonely. The members provide a lot of inspiration through their posts on the website which motivates you to do even better. 

  7. Hi there and great review on Wealthy Affiliate. I have been looking into Wealthy Affiliate for quite some time now. I actually signed up with them about 8 years ago, and since I had been scammed so many times back then, I really didn’t give this a chance. I have started looking into it again and there are just so many GREAT reviews. I think it is time to get started again. Boy, I just wonder where I would be had I started all those years back and stuck with it.

    1. Thanks Matt’s Mom. Wealthy Affiliate’s training is tried and tested . It is proven that Wealthy Affiliate’s training does work , time and again and gives very good results. The only condition is to follow the training properly with belief.

  8. Wealthy affiliate is really awesome! I have been using them for nearly two years and I can say with confidence that it is an incredible and reliable online university.

    The support is great, the community is very helpful, and the cost is very competitive!

    1. Thanks for your comment Jacob. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a great online university. Even after completing all my training , there has never been a problem whose solution I haven’t found on Wealthy Affiliate, either through the huge training resource or through community support or site support for technical issues! Premium membership like you said is very reasonable!

  9. I read a lot of reviews online, and so many of them are just a lot of fluff, but yours in real. You don’t sugarcoat the program, but you give the true pros and cons of the platform in a realistic way. That’s refreshing.

    So many programs promise you’ll be making hundreds of dollars a day within a week, and they are just so full of baloney, excuse the expression lol. But it’s true. There are no get rich quick schemes that work.

    The Wealthy Affiliate program is a real training and implementation program that gives you a full blueprint and total support to build a real online business for long-term wealth.

    Thank you for your review. It’s great.

    1. Thanks for your comment Babsie. Wealthy Affiliate is great option for stay at home moms or moms who are looking for flexible work. I didn’t have any experience with Online businesses but through Wealthy Affiliate’s training and community support , I have been able to build up my own online business! I agree with you, this not a quick rich scheme, but then no business is !

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