How to be a Great Father -Tips for Dads(including new and to be Dads)

A Dad is equally important for a child as much as a Mother. In the olden days, only mothers used to be involved in the upbringing of the children. Bringing up children used to be considered only a mother’s job. But now times have changed and fathers are equally important and involved in their child’s life. Here are some tips on how to be a great father- at least these are the things which my husband does with my kids and they do work! I would like to help dads too as I feel that being a daddy is equally hard as being a mummy. Hence, I decided that the topic of my post should be about dads.

Stay involved in looking after your child

Staying involved in looking after your child is very important. This should start from the day you come to know that your are expecting a child. Even if you didn’t – don’t worry. It’s never too late. Dads should be involved in everything which is required in looking after the child- feeding meals, bathing, changing nappies, entertaining the child, putting child or baby to sleep. This will create a very deep bond between child and the dad, for sure.

Play with your children

Whether your child is a baby, a toddler or a school kid, play with them. Babies love ‘peekaboo’ games. My husband used to crawl with my children when they were toddlers and this fascinated the children a lot. He also used to make funny faces, funny sounds and also tickle them. You can also play rough and tumble play with your child – please be cautious and play only on carpeted surfaces if your child is young!

Have conversations with them

If your child is old enough, have conversations with them. If you are working full time, ask them how your day was, when you come home in the evening. If you do this regularly, they will ask you the same question, “how was your day , Dad?” Tell them if something funny happened at work. This will keep them involved in your life too!

Watch TV Programs With Them

If you are dad who works full time, I know it’s very hard to spend time with your children after a very gruelling day at work. If you want to relax and at the same time spend time with your kids, watch TV programs with them. This is a great way to bond with them as well and you get your relaxation too !

Read to your child

Experts say that when a father reads to his child, the child absorbs more than when a mother reads to her child. It also helps the dad relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Be Firm with them when required

In case you work full time, you would be tempted to let the kids have their own way – since you get to spend so little time with them. But do not do that. Just be firm. Set boundaries. If you don’t do that as early as possible, children would think it’s ok to mess with dad.

Family Meals

Family meals are very important. Children not only learn to eat different foods but also it is a great way to bond as a family. If you are working full time, this way children will understand that “dad is also part of the family”. Family meals are a must- at least once a day.

Know their likes and dislikes

In case you decide to buy something for your child as a gift, be sure to know what they like. If you gift them something they really want or like, it will go a long way.

New Dads and To-be Dads

This tip is for new dads or to-be dads. Sing or talk to the bump or the baby. Let the baby recognise your voice in the womb itself. After the baby is born, if you sing or talk to him/her, she/he will recognise your voice. Babies can hear everything in the womb. Your bond starts here.

Solve your child’s problems/issues

No matter how small or big your child is, children always rely on their parents for guidance and support. If you have conversations regularly with your child(as advised above) , it will be easier for your child to talk to you if he/she has got any problems or issues. Talk it out with them and this will create some great bonding between you and your child.

Networking with Other Dads

Just like moms, even dads need to mingle with other dads from school/preschool. This can be easily achieved if you are doing school drops or pickups. If you are unable to do so you can always meet the other fathers (without children or moms) for a drink or dinner or even a football match. Networking with other dads is important because you will get ideas from the other dads how they bond with their children or how they spend quality time with their children.

Spend time with the kids in moms absence

Try to spend time with your children in the absence of their mother. Then you will know each other better. This can be achieved by you going out(to the park or to the beach or for movies or even having a meal out) with the kids so that you can spend time with the children and at the same time, mom can get her break too!

Meditating together

You can also do meditation together as family. This will increase your bonding with your children too. Please check my post on Meditation Benefits for Children if you would like to know how to make children meditate.
If you do all the above, you will earn your children’s respect and trust and you will be an integral part of their life. Just remember being a dad is equally important as being a mom. A dad brings different influence in a child’s life than a mom -both influences are equally important especially in this age when families are becoming more nuclear.

Have you got any experiences or opinions to share ? I would glad to hear from you even if you are a mom – you can share with us what the father of your child does to be a great dad! Just put your comments below!

All the best Dads!







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  1. Great article and hope all Dad’s and soon to be Dad’s read it! I loved idea to meditate with your child. Be great if it started at home and they would implement in schools too!!

    1. Thanks Noell. I agree that children should be taught how to meditate at school! If you would like to know how to make children meditate please read my post on it.

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