Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms – Can You Make Money From It?

Being a Stay at home mom can be monotonous and boring. Especially so, when your little one is asleep or has gone to the nursery or school. Having a hobby can make a huge difference to your mind or mental health. The key thing is keep your mind occupied with something other than the household chores. To do something of your own, not related to your children. As mean as it sounds, it will refresh and rejuvenate your mind! I would like to share a few hobbies for stay at home moms and hopefully it will help you.


Please bear in mind that I have suggested only “indoor” hobbies to you – for your convenience.


If you do not know,Calligraphy means visual art relating to writing, according to Wikipedia. I just call it beautiful handwriting. Calligraphy has to be done with a particular type of pen and ink. It is not only fun to learn but is very handy as well. You can use this skill while making a poster or a greeting card.

You could ask whether Calligraphy is outdated now, due to all the different font styles available on different computer softwares, but a handwritten greeting card or an invite to a wedding or a party has a special meaning! Perhaps somebody would like to have their wedding vows written in Calligraphy! Perhaps someone would like to give out beautiful handwritten baby shower invites!

You can also master this skill and become a Calligraphy teacher and have students to come home and learn from you !

You can also sell personalised stuff on Etsy.com. Etsy allows the seller to sell products only which are handmade by the seller. This is a great way to earn from home for stay at home moms. Setting up an account with Etsy is not hard at all!

If you would like to pursue Calligraphy, I would recommend buying the products from Craft stash, UK’s number 1 paper craft store!

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You can use Calligraphy to do card making. But you can also do Stamping to make beautiful greeting cards. CraftStash runs a Facebook Live show every Friday at 1 pm (UK time) to give stamping ideas. Please refer to my previous post on Tim Holtz Travel stamp review which I feel is a must if you intend to make greeting cards using stamping.

There are lots of beautiful stamps available on CraftStash. Allthe stamps are versatile and easy to use!

Stamping is also a great way to pass time and relax your mind from mundane household chores.

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Colouring Books

I find colouring extremely therapeutic. It completely relaxes your mind. It is also very convenient and easy to do this. You can do colouring with your child and bond with her/him as well as relax your mind. There will be no tantrums, no fighting (if you have more than one child) as children are occupied.

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If you are a good at writing, it would be a good idea to maintain a Journal and put all your feelings on paper. It will help you relieve all the frustrations of staying at home and looking after kids. You can use a memory planner if you want to include some memories. For example growth milestone of your child like first step, first word etc!

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If you like to paint, then it can become a hobby or a way of earning money or even expressing yourself. You can sell your paintings on Etsy.com. If you have learnt to paint professionally why not conduct some kids painting classes from home ? There are starter painting colours available on Craft stash website at a very reasonable price.

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Decoupage means giving a new look or a new life to piece of furniture or some household object. According to Wikipedia ,

Decoupage or Découpage is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and other decorative elements. Again you can try to sell Decoupage products on Etsy.com.

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Staying at home with kids is hard. But if you can keep yourself mentally occupied few hours a day, it will make a big difference to you. You can also use Facebook to advertise your business, should you choose to make your hobby your business! You could also save money by making your own Christmas or Birthday Cards!

Which activity/hobby out of the above, do you like the best? Please comment via comment box below.


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