Christmas and Gratitude – Feeling Grateful is The Real Meaning of Christmas!

Parents and Grandparents are always eager to shower children and grandchildren with tons of Christmas presents. It is perfectly natural for them to feel the need to give the children whatever they didn’t get in their childhood like toys, games,books ,clothes, electronic games etc. By doing so they forget to explain to the children the real and true meaning of Christmas and that Christmas and gratitude go hand in hand.

Christmas cards

There are a lot of people who think, “he gave me a Christmas card this year but last year he didn’t, I gave him a Christmas card last year, so this year I won’t! Then we are equal! ” or “she never gives me a Christmas card, why should I ?” Unfortunately this kind of feeling catches up with the children when they listen to the parents’ or Grandparents’ dilemma about whom to give cards and who not to!

It is forgotten that giving is the true spirit of Christmas. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people saved money by not buying Christmas cards and using that money to feed the homeless or giving toys to the poor children. After all, we have now got so many fantastic communication methods in the form of email, social media or good old texting(sms) !

If children want to give Christmas cards to their friends, they should be encouraged to make their own cards! If parents can help younger children make the cards, it will create a good bonding time with the kids as well!

Are our children becoming too greedy at Christmas time?

All children are busy counting how many chocolates, how many presents they received at Christmas time. Children are innocent but in their innocence, they start believing or thinking that this is what Christmas is about.

How many toys can a child play with or how many chocolates can he eat? There has to be some limit. There has to be some appreciation … and lots of gratitude.


Children should be encouraged to give their toys to charity – to the less privileged kids. This will develop gratitude in them. Before Christmas kids can be asked to choose some of their toys to give for charity and in return they will get Christmas presents. This will teach them to give before receiving.

Why am I going on and on about gratitude?

I understand that children have the right to enjoy their childhood and childhood is the golden period of life. But it is equally important to teach children gratitude. This will help them get through difficult times in life when they become adults. Gratitude will teach them to be happy at all times, no matter what their circumstances are.

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If it is not presents and food and drink, then what is Christmas about? My thoughts are :

Christmas is family time

Children should be taught that Christmas is about spending time with family. It isn’t about who has given what present. It isn’t about who has got the most decoration or lights outside their house! It is the time to be grateful that you have got a family ! Christmas is the time to appreciate each other and not fight with each other!

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Christmas is a time for believing in God

Christmas is the time to believe in God, being thankful for giving us a beautiful life. Christmas is about having faith that everything will be ok. Christmas is about believing that God is always looking after you! Christmas is about believing that God has got your back!


How Do You Become Grateful during Christmas

Children always “copy” their parents. Parents are the role models of their children. Be Always what you want your kids to be especially when they come adults. Cut down on your Christmas expenditures like Christmas presents, Christmas cards, Christmas decorations,Christmas day food and drinks! Any money you save should be used for charity. It is better to light somebody’s life during Christmas then lighting up your already lit up house ! 

Please note that the keyword here is cut down . You don’t need to stop celebrating Christmas just to teach gratitude to your children.

If everybody cuts down their Christmas expense even by a tiny amount, not only will their children learn to be more grateful but also it will benefit all poor and underprivileged adults and children. The fun is in the giving not in the receiving!

Next steps

I know most of us would have already made all arrangements for Christmas by now, but we can always start next year. This year I have saved tiny amount of money by making this Christmas tree decoration with my children! It was great fun!

What are your plans for Christmas this year? Do you agree that Christmas is the time to express your gratitude to God? Please put your thoughts and plans in the comment box below!

Merry Christmas to all of you!





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