Children’s Easter Activities – How I am Going To Keep My Kids Busy

If you are a stay at home mom and have the daunting task of keeping kids busy during the Easter holidays, look no further! Children’s Easter activities can help you keep your child busy in a fun filled way. Another benefit of Easter holidays(or any holidays) is to work with your child on topics he/she is weak in(I don’t want to sound like a spoilsport) but if you make it fun then they won’t know you are working with them on their weak topics!

Easter Egg Hunt

You can get a small pack of Easter Egg chocolates from the supermarket and hide each egg somewhere in the house. Let your kids find the chocolates . Whoever finds it eats it .. I tell my kids ‘I will eat the eggs you are not able to find’ ! Therefore kids are happy and Mummy is happy too!

Make sure you watch your child’s sugar intake, in case your child manages to find a lot of Easter eggs, spread the chocolates over the Easter holidays. They don’t need to eat all the eggs in one day.

However , if you are not keen on your child consuming the chocolates due to allergy or other reasons, you can always replace the chocolates with Easter egg toys. Let them find toys instead of chocolates!

Creating Easter Egg Drawings

Creating Easter egg drawings or paintings is a great way to bond with your child. It is even more fun if you come with different ideas on how to create the egg. For example, I was watching a video on how to make Easter Egg painting using a raw potato. Peel the potato and slice it into half vertically. On the inside, you can carve out bits of the potato to make it look like an Easter egg design. Use the potato as a stamp and dip it in different coloured paints and create a colourful easter egg.

This is an activity which most children will love doing and so will you ! A great way to relax and have fun with your kids!

Stamps or accessories

If you are not the “arty” type, there is a way around this, you can get Easter bunnies or other Easter design stamps and create a colourful drawing .

Another option is you can buy the ready-made easter egg colouring kits .

Craft Stash has got a great collection of both easter egg stamp and colouring kits.

If you want to take on Stamping as a hobby please read my post on Hobbies for Stay At Home Moms or if you would like to read my review on Tim Holtz Stamping Platform.

Free Resources

If you feel you cannot create an egg, you can also print some free colouring pages from the internet. Colouring will also help improve your child’s motor skills. Colouring together with your child is very relaxing- make sure you try this sometime!


If you would like to improve your child’s counting, you can use toy Easter Eggs to help them count. If there are physical objects, learning to count will be easier for kids. Some easter egg toys have got self inked stampers in them or other cool toys like pull back cars or dinosaurs.

Please read age range of these toys before you give it to your child.

Memory Game

If you have got the Easter egg toys above, you can also play memory games with it. Each person has to try and remember which egg has got which toy ! It will be fun and challenging for the parent too!


If you are a great at baking, why not make some cakes. Fun filled activity for both parent and child and delicious as well! If your child can make the cake batter on their own, the only thing you have to do is put the cake batter in the oven and take the cake out once it is ready!

Board Games

As per my previous post Top 10 Family Board Games- Which one is Your Favourite?, board games are a great way for family to bond. Some board games are educational and therefore will teach your kids something. Board games are a great way to pass time with the family anytime of the year or anyplace, whether you are at home or at a holiday or at the Grandparent’s place!

Fresh air and exercise

It is important to get fresh air and exercise every day, not only for the adults but also for the children. Just don’t get too busy trying to complete all indoor Easter activities that you forget about the need for fresh air and exercise. Spring is here so it will be great for kids to play in the park or cycle or scooter.


Easter is a great time for gardening. If you have got green fingers, why not do some gardening with your little ones? Another great way to bond with your child. Get your child a cheap gardening tool kit. Get him/her digging, keep them busy ! Kids love pulling weeds out. If you have got a lot of weeds, get your child to put some gardening gloves on and start pulling the weeds out . Your garden will look beautiful , your child will have fun and both of you will get tons of fresh air!


Easter holidays don’t have to be a daunting time for stay at home moms. If you plan out all the activities in advance then time will pass quickly and there are fewer chances of kids misbehaving or fighting.

Like any other holidays, Easter holidays are a great time to spend with your kids and bond with them. The bonus is that it is Spring and therefore long days and lots of sunshine !

What plans have you got for the Easter holidays? Have you got any fun filled activities that you would like to share? Please share via comment box below.

Happy Easter!


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