Bunk Beds For Kids – Safety is the Main Criteria

The most important criteria that parents should be looking for when buying bunk beds for kids is Safety. You do not want to buy bunk beds which are very high or bunk beds with tricky or unstable ladder. Some bunk beds do look very pretty and attractive to the child or to the parents due to their weird designs – maybe they look like an adventure trail! But safety is very important. While buying bunk beds, parents have to keep in mind that a bunk bed is for sleeping. If you have space issues in your home, instead of buying two separate beds for your kids, you can buy bunk beds and save space.

A parent knows their child the best. Only a parent would know how naughty their child is or what mischief they are capable of. You should buy a bunk bed only if you feel that your child will be safe with it or your child knows how to climb up and down the bunk bed safely and carefully!

A child can fall off any bunk bed if they lean out from the top bunk and seriously hurt themselves. This is a risk applicable to all bunk beds. This is something every parent should keep in mind before they decide to buy a bunk bed for their kids.

Another important point while choosing bunk beds, is the practicality of it. Will you able to tuck the bed sheet especially on the upper bunk ?

Due to all the above, I would like to recommend a bunk which has not only got nice,wide steps but is also low.

Happy Beds Domino Bunk Beds


Product Name: Happy Beds Domino Bunk Beds for Children(3FT Single )

Colours: White, Oak, Grey and Maple & White

Dimensions: L:199 cm W: 137 cm H: 161 cm

Distance between the beds: 80 cm

My rating:4.5/5

Other features:

  • Bunk bed comes with storage.
  • Sturdy and good quality bunk bed.
  • Easy self-assembly.
  • Solid wooden slated base for mattress support.
  • You have option of not buying mattress or buy a memory foam mattress, orthopedic mattress, spring mattress or a pocket sprung mattress.
  • Handle bars on either side of the stairs.


  • Easy to follow instructions for assembly.
  • Lighting stripe on each step which glows in the dark, so that your child can see where he/she is going.
  • Handle bars on either side of the stairs makes it easier to come up and down.
  • Each step on the ladder is wide enough for kids and therefore safe and more comfortable for the kids feet.
  • Each bunk has its own storage space. Each section is wide enough to put a large teddy bear in it. The storage space is next to each bunk bed. Kids can put all their treasures in it and play till they fall asleep!
  • Bunk bed can be pulled apart and put together again if you are moving home.
  • Good value for money even without the mattresses. Mattresses are good quality and made as per the British Standards.
  • Each bunk is a full single size.
  • Good delivery service.



  • Ladder can only be put in one place, it can’t be moved.
  • The bed is very sturdy and heavy and therefore is hard to assemble single handed especially the back of the bunk bed. You will need help of another person. It will take few hours to assemble.
  • Assembly service not provided – you have to do it yourself
  • The bunk bed cannot be split into 2 single beds. You have to use it as a bunk bed only.
  • No storage under the bed
  • Make sure the mattress on the top bunk is not very thick so that the safety rungs can give more protection and prevent the child from falling over.

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All in all, Happy Beds Domino bunk bed is a good quality sturdy bunk bed. The only issue with it is that it is hard to assemble on your own. You need to people at least to assemble it.

Bunk beds are always popular with children. However, it is the parents’s responsibility to make sure that their children are safe. Always put the younger child on the lower bunk. Keep an eye on them for few days while they play on the bunk bed or climb up and down the bunk beds as much as possible. The Happy Beds Domino Bunk bed has got luminous steps so your child will be able to see the steps in the dark. Use a night light if you are not already doing so !

Have you ever bought a bunk bed for your kids? What was your experience? Would you recommend a bunk bed to other parents? Which is the most important requirement for a bunk bed according to you? Please share your opinion via comment box below.





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