Top Baby Monitors – Audio or Video?

Baby monitors help you monitor your baby when your baby is asleep and you are not in the room with them. You have the option of having an audio or a audio/video monitor. Read my review on what I feel are the top baby monitors to help you decide.

Product: BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor 400

Item weight: 354 gms

My rating: 4.5/5


  • Interference free digital HD sound
  • Long range of upto 50m indoors and 300m outdoors
  • Box contains 1 x parent unit, 1 x baby unit, 2 x main power adapters,2 x AA rechargeable batteries and user guide


  • BT is a known name and trusted brand
  • Monitor is reasonably priced
  • Sound is crystal clear and you will hear every breath or cry of your baby
  • Indoor range is 50m which is good enough for a medium to big sized house
  • Sound level LED’s alert you visually to any sounds coming from your baby’s room. So if you are a deep sleeper like me and the baby’s cries doesn’t wake you up, the flashing lights will definitely wake you up!
  • Parent unit is wireless which gives flexibility and battery life is very good – at least 15-17 hours
  • Both the microphone unit and the monitor unit have 3m leads
  • The size of the unit is small and has a good grip .


  • It’s an audio only unit. It doesn’t have a video monitor
  • No talk back feature if you want to talk to your child
  • It doesn’t have night light
  • If the parent unit is not switched on, the child monitor keeps flashing which might keep your child awake
  • Sometimes you can hear static noises

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Product: GHB Video Baby Monitor

Item weight: 422 gms

My rating: 4.4/5

Warranty: 1 year


  • 2-way talk: Mother can speak to the baby as mothers voice will soothe the baby
  • Infrared night vision
  • Temperature monitoring: Helps measure temperature of the baby’s room
  • Built in lullabies: you can play lullabies on the monitor to soothe the baby and put them to sleep
  • Vox (Voice operated exchange) function:It’s a voice operated switch that operates when sound over certain threshold is detected. If you do not like this option you can put the monitor on normal mode through settings
  • Camera angle can be changed manually(not remotely) but the camera needs to be plugged into the socket
  • Package includes 1x 2″ Colour LCD Monitor(Parent unit) ,1×1 Baby Camera (baby unit),2 x UK Power adapters, 1x User Manual


  • Video monitor at a very reasonable price
  • Video of your baby will reassure you due to the visual image of your child
  • 2- way talk feature
  • Infrared night vision lets you keep an eye on the baby at night too
  • Temperature monitoring function
  • VOX function which can be handy if you want save the battery
  • 100m working range
  • Easy carry size


  • Camera drains the battery fast unless you put in on VOX mode
  • Do you really need features like temperature monitoring?
  • Camera angle can only be changed manually. So make sure you adjust the camera before you leave the baby’s room
  • You have to plug in the camera- which can be inconvenient if you don’t have a socket where you want the camera to be ideally situated.

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Product: Motorola MBP36S Digital Video Baby Monitor

Item weight: 558 gms

Warranty: 1 Year

My rating: 2/5


  • 3.5 ” LCD Colour Parent Unit
  • Motorised pan tilt and zoom
  • 2 way talk
  • Infrared night vision
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Lullaby and nature sounds
  • LED sound level indicator
  • Out of range warning alert
  • Package contains: 1 x Parent unit, 1 x Baby unit, Rechargeable battery pack(for parent unit), Power Adapter (for parent unit), Power Adapter (for baby unit), User Manual


  • Larger display unit (parent unit)
  • You can pan, tilt and zoom the camera on your child remotely. This is handy if your child has moved inside the cot in the night.
  • You can talk to your child to soothe them due to the 2 way talk feature
  • If you like features like temperature monitoring then this product provides you with it
  • 50m indoors and 300m outdoor range


  • Overall quality of the monitor is not very good. There are time delays in the talk back feature. Picture is sometimes not clear.
  • Battery life is poor
  • Parent unit has got problems switching on and off


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Product: BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Item weight: 395 gms

My rating: 3/5


  • High quality 5″ screen
  • Remote control pan and tilt function
  • Night vision
  • 2 way talk
  • Lullabies function
  • 250m range


  • You can talk to your baby to soothe them
  • Large screen
  • You can pan tilt and zoom the camera on your child if your child has moved in their cot in the night
  • Temperature monitoring function to monitor the baby’s room temperature
  • Good range. Monitor works well in multi-storey properties too
  • Good battery life


  • Quality of the picture is not very good at night
  • Issues with overall product quality
  • Monitor volume not loud enough

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Product: Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Item weight: 522 gms

My rating: 4.9/5


  • Monitor 3.2″ LCD
  • 2 way talk
  • Infrared night vision
  • 960 feet range(roughly 292m)
  • VOX mode feature(It’s a voice operated switch that operates when sound over certain threshold is detected)
  • Camera can pan tilt and zoom in on the baby if the baby has moved in the cot
  • Lullaby feature(8 songs)
  • 6-8 hours battery life
  • You can pair the monitor with 4 cameras(only one monitor and one camera included)
  • Package contains 1x parent unit, 1x baby unit, 2 x power adapter,1 x user manual


  • Sound and picture quality is very good
  • Good price for a video monitor with temperature monitoring,2 way talk and VOX feature
  • You can remotely set up lullaby
  • User friendly product
  • It has good frequency even in multi-storey properties
  • Good customer service
  • Overall a good quality product


  • Camera has to be plugged in
  • Do you need temperature monitoring?
  • If you don’t need a video monitor this product is not for you.

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In case you would like to share your experiences of any baby monitors please get in touch through the comment box below. I will be delighted to hear from you!


Top 10 Family Board Games- Which one is Your Favourite?

Board games are a great way to bond with the family . Here are the top 10 family board games suggestions which will not only give you lot of relaxation and enjoyment but also help you bond with your family.  All games  will also keep your children occupied as well as improve their thinking power . Some of the games like Monopoly and Pictionary will also help  improve their vocabulary .

Most of the games can be played on family holidays too in a  hotel or resort or even on the plane or while waiting at the airport. The best part is that all the games are reasonably priced. No need to break the bank to keep your children busy!

The more the competition , better is. Parents , beware! Your children might beat you at all the games!


Game: Scrabble Original Board Game

Ages: 10 years+

Players: 2 to 4

Description: Everybody knows scrabble. Test your vocabulary and see who wins – adults or children! Game consists of making interlocking words in a crossword fashion.

Younger children can also play this game by making three letter words with their tiles without interlocking the words without using the board!

Each letter gives points and whoever scores the highest wins! Easier said then done especially when you are stuck with letters you don’t want! Even worse when your child makes bigger words than you!

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Game: Monopoly(original game)

Ages: 8 years+

Players: 2 to 6

Description: What better game to play during then good old Monopoly. Play this game and relive your childhood. This game teaches youngsters how to negotiate, be social as well as improve their mathematical skills and also how to handle money. This game can be played by parents, grandparents too. I still remember playing this classic game with my Grandmother years ago! Monopoly is now available at a very reasonable price. Beware the pound notes are still very thin just like before!

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Game: Headbanz

Ages: 7 years+

Players: 2 to 6

Description: A quick question game -“What am I ?” Answer to which everybody knows except you ! Guess the answer and you win. A fun game for people of all ages! Reasonably priced game, it takes ages for anybody to win but easy enough for all ages.

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Game: Pictionary Board Game(Mattel Games)

Ages: 3 years+

Players: 4

Description: Draw a clue card, sketch it out and let your team-mates guess it. Everybody gets a turn at drawing. Lot of fun and laughter as your team members try guessing what word you are drawing! So how good are you at drawing? Find out with this game!

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The Yes No Game

Game:The Yes No Game

Ages: 8 years+

Players: 2-6

Description: A fast and furious game where answering Yes or No gets you dinged out by the bell. One player takes a card and reads the questions to the opponent. If opponent answers Yes or No, they get dinged by the bell and the player can keep the card. If they answer all question up to the end, the opponent keeps the card. The player who has most cards is the winner.

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Ages: 6 years+

Players: 2 and over

Description: This game is perfect to add fun for parties or for family nights. This game challenges you to place your hands and feet at different places on the mat without falling over. If your knees or elbows touch the mat, you are out of the game! All members of the family can find out how flexible they are with this game! So how flexible are you?


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Asmodee Dobble Card Game

Game: Asmodee Dobble Card Game

Ages: 6 years+

Players: 2-8

Description:Addictive fun for the entire family. 5 different ways to play this game. The goal of the game, no matter which game you choose, is to be the fastest in spotting identical symbols between two cards, name it aloud and then take the card and then place or discard the game depending on the game you are playing. Since there is no strategy for the game, and is based on your reactions and visual perceptions, there is no advantage adults have over the children. Let’s see who is faster, adults or children!

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Game: Qwirkle

Ages: 6 years+

Players: 2-4

Description: You have to match the colours and shapes. While the game is simple and quick to learn, you need to play it strategically in order to score points and win. So are you ready to tax your brains?


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Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga

Game: Hasbro Gaming Classic Jenga

Ages: 6 years+

Players: 1+

Description: This game contains 54 precision crafted hardwood blocks. Remove blocks without crashing the tower! Stack up (stack sleeve included)and pull a loose block. Perfect family or a party game! Hours of fun included!

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Game: Sussed?

Ages: 6 years+

Players: 2-10

Description: This family friendly quiz game can be enjoyed by kids and adults including parents , grandparents and teachers. This game encourages face -to-face conversations . This game is a Dad’s Choice Awards 2018 winner . The game boosts critical thinking.  Improves power of reason and intuition. Find out who knows who best!  What better way to know your family member?


Box contains 55 premium cards, 150 score sheets and rules.

Pocket sized game which you can take anywhere with you , on the train, airport or even to Grandparents house!

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All the games are great to play for both adults and children. For Parents and Grandparents it is a good way to revisit your childhood.  It is also a good time to see who is better at playing these games- Grandparents, Parents or the children.

So which game is your favourite?  My favourite is Pictionary – I can’t stop laughing at my own drawings!

Have you played any of these games with your family ? What was your experience like? Which generation was the winner of the game? Please share via comment box below.













Bunk Beds For Kids – Safety is the Main Criteria

The most important criteria that parents should be looking for when buying bunk beds for kids is Safety. You do not want to buy bunk beds which are very high or bunk beds with tricky or unstable ladder. Some bunk beds do look very pretty and attractive to the child or to the parents due to their weird designs – maybe they look like an adventure trail! But safety is very important. While buying bunk beds, parents have to keep in mind that a bunk bed is for sleeping. If you have space issues in your home, instead of buying two separate beds for your kids, you can buy bunk beds and save space.

A parent knows their child the best. Only a parent would know how naughty their child is or what mischief they are capable of. You should buy a bunk bed only if you feel that your child will be safe with it or your child knows how to climb up and down the bunk bed safely and carefully!

A child can fall off any bunk bed if they lean out from the top bunk and seriously hurt themselves. This is a risk applicable to all bunk beds. This is something every parent should keep in mind before they decide to buy a bunk bed for their kids.

Another important point while choosing bunk beds, is the practicality of it. Will you able to tuck the bed sheet especially on the upper bunk ?

Due to all the above, I would like to recommend a bunk which has not only got nice,wide steps but is also low.

Happy Beds Domino Bunk Beds


Product Name: Happy Beds Domino Bunk Beds for Children(3FT Single )

Colours: White, Oak, Grey and Maple & White

Dimensions: L:199 cm W: 137 cm H: 161 cm

Distance between the beds: 80 cm

My rating:4.5/5

Other features:

  • Bunk bed comes with storage.
  • Sturdy and good quality bunk bed.
  • Easy self-assembly.
  • Solid wooden slated base for mattress support.
  • You have option of not buying mattress or buy a memory foam mattress, orthopedic mattress, spring mattress or a pocket sprung mattress.
  • Handle bars on either side of the stairs.


  • Easy to follow instructions for assembly.
  • Lighting stripe on each step which glows in the dark, so that your child can see where he/she is going.
  • Handle bars on either side of the stairs makes it easier to come up and down.
  • Each step on the ladder is wide enough for kids and therefore safe and more comfortable for the kids feet.
  • Each bunk has its own storage space. Each section is wide enough to put a large teddy bear in it. The storage space is next to each bunk bed. Kids can put all their treasures in it and play till they fall asleep!
  • Bunk bed can be pulled apart and put together again if you are moving home.
  • Good value for money even without the mattresses. Mattresses are good quality and made as per the British Standards.
  • Each bunk is a full single size.
  • Good delivery service.



  • Ladder can only be put in one place, it can’t be moved.
  • The bed is very sturdy and heavy and therefore is hard to assemble single handed especially the back of the bunk bed. You will need help of another person. It will take few hours to assemble.
  • Assembly service not provided – you have to do it yourself
  • The bunk bed cannot be split into 2 single beds. You have to use it as a bunk bed only.
  • No storage under the bed
  • Make sure the mattress on the top bunk is not very thick so that the safety rungs can give more protection and prevent the child from falling over.

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All in all, Happy Beds Domino bunk bed is a good quality sturdy bunk bed. The only issue with it is that it is hard to assemble on your own. You need to people at least to assemble it.

Bunk beds are always popular with children. However, it is the parents’s responsibility to make sure that their children are safe. Always put the younger child on the lower bunk. Keep an eye on them for few days while they play on the bunk bed or climb up and down the bunk beds as much as possible. The Happy Beds Domino Bunk bed has got luminous steps so your child will be able to see the steps in the dark. Use a night light if you are not already doing so !

Have you ever bought a bunk bed for your kids? What was your experience? Would you recommend a bunk bed to other parents? Which is the most important requirement for a bunk bed according to you? Please share your opinion via comment box below.





What is the Best Age To Have a Child – When Are you Ready To Have One?

As a woman starts approaching her mid to late twenties, she often wonders when should she have children? What is the best age to have children? The biological clock is ticking on one hand and on the other there are factors like, does she have partner/spouse with whom she can have children? What are her career aspirations? Is she financially stable? So when would she be ready to have a child?

Age is definitely a factor

A woman should have a child when she is physically fit and during the most fertile phase of her life. I do know nowadays women are freezing eggs and having children later on in life, but that is not right! If a woman decides to give birth to another life, it is her duty to make sure she can give her child a good health (whatever is in her hands) as well as the time. If a woman decides to have children after 35 years, she won’t be at the peak of her fertility, neither will she have the stamina to “run after the child”. Ask any parent, how much energy consuming it is to bring up a child!

Make space for your child in your life

A woman should be responsible enough not to misuse this boon of the universe for her own selfish needs! She should also think if she will be able to give the time to her child. It is not fair on the child,if a woman was just to produce the child for her own needs and then hand the baby to the “nanny” so that she can “continue” with her life!

Motherhood doesn’t just mean producing a child, it also means bringing the child up with the right amount of love and attention! To know further about motherhood please refer to my post Motherhood and Me.

Do not have children to please the society

You should not have children just because you are married for ‘x’ number of years or because “everybody” keeps asking you ‘when are you having kids?’ Having a child is an enormous responsibility. You should have a child only if you think you can fulfill all your duties as a mother.It is a lifelong commitment.

Ideal age

According to medical experts, the right age to have a child is between 26-35. With a reason the universe has made a woman’s fertile age in this range. If you have a child any later than that, you would be compromising your child. If you decide to have a child at a very young (before 26), you would not have the maturity to deal with the child. You would not be equipped to take the right decisions for your child .

Medical complications

To have a healthy child is the topmost desire of every expectant mother. At 35, the complications start increasing. The chances of having a healthy child start dwindling. At this age if you conceive a child with physical abnormalities, do you feel that it is fair on the child? Will the child live a fulfilled life? Will you be able to look after a disabled child?

I know that extremely healthy women, who produce children in the right age range of 26-35, also give birth to children with defects but that is not something in our hands. It is out of our control .

Prepare yourself

Before you decide to have a child ask yourself this question, are you ready to commit at least 18 years to another life? Will you give whatever it takes to ensure that your child is brought up in the right way?

How many children do you want to have?

This is a very important question that you must answer. Please refer to my previous post on How Many Children Should You Have? If you do know the answer, then factor that in. You should have the last child before you hit 35. Also decide how far apart you want the children to be in age. For example, You want to have the first child at 30,second at 32 and third at 34.

If you decide to have first one at 34, it will be impossible to have another one before 35. A woman’s body needs to recover in between pregnancies for at least 1 year and ideally 3 years.

Help and support

Every mother would have an easier life, if they have some help and support from the grandparents. If a woman has a child at a very late age, there are fewer chances of grandparents being around to help and nurture the child. Even if they are around, they might be too old to help .

Difficulty conceiving

If you decide to have children at a later age, you might find it difficult to conceive. If you are above 35, there are chances you might not be able to conceive naturally or you might not be able to conceive at all. Even if you decide to freeze your eggs, and conceive the child, your (older) body might not be able to sustain the pregnancy. The chances of miscarriages also start increasing at this age.

Financial Issues

Having a baby is very expensive. Cost of nappies, clothes,nursery fees, school fees, toys,books etc etc. You will need money ! But do not postpone having a child just because you want to save enough before you have a child. If you are reasonably supported through your job or your spouse’s job, then there is no reason not have a child. Remember, it takes time to conceive a child. If you leave it too late, you might not be able to have one.

Once you have your first child and if you feel that you cannot afford another child, then don’t have another one. Just take a decision and stick to it. Don’t forget the biological clock is ticking. Therefore, it is better to be decisive whether you can afford another child or not !

Remember, I am not a medical expert. I am just stating my opinion here.


Are you planning to have a child? How old are you? Are you having a child because of societal pressures? Please get in touch via comment box.


Motherhood and Me – What does Motherhood Mean?

As soon as the pregnancy test kit comes back positive, you know your life is going to change forever. But do you even realise, at that point, how much is it going to change? How much of yourself are you going to lose in this process of becoming a Mother? Do you even remember what your life was before you became a mother? It is very important to try to recreate a new identity after Motherhood. Motherhood and me(Priya) have had to walk side by side and thereby create a new identity post childbirth.

Early days as a mother

I found the first year of motherhood extremely hard. A 24- hour responsibility of a baby, feeding, changing nappies, sleepless nights, being at home all the time- loss of working life – was just too much to take on. In the first few weeks of birth, a new mom has not only to get used to idea of looking after the baby, breast feeding, but it is equally important for her to have a balanced nutritious diet and a proper rest. Also hormonal havoc a baby causes to a woman’s body has to be dealt with as well.

Simple things like taking a shower, going for nature calls in peace are impossible most of the times! If you can complete at least one meal day without any interruptions that would be a treat!

Next few months

In the next few months as a Mother, You will slowly try to figure out your baby’s schedule, bond with her, cuddle her as much as you can. You might even forget about the outside world or what it looks like. You would have also probably forgotten the timings of all your favourite programs on the television.

At 6 months upto 1 year

At 6 months, you would probably start developing boredom but you will be distracted when you start putting your child on solid foods. A new challenge! By the time your child is one year of age, the weaning would have been established, your child would probably be drinking milk out of a cup or you and your spouse would probably have moved your child to his/her bedroom.

What you would have not realised in this past one year is that your life and your time has become so dependent on the needs of your child, that you have nothing else to do, nothing else to think. You only know yourself as the Mother of your child!

It gets worse in the second year

Things turn for the worst when you do not go back to work after your maternity break. Your child is the centre of your world. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, feeding are the only jobs or hobbies you have! Even if you do get a chance to watch your favourite television program, you will either fall asleep during the program or you will feel guilty for watching the program instead of doing laundry or making fresh meals for your child!

First day at the Nursery

I put my children in the nursery at the age of 20 months. The first few months, I had no clue what I should do during the time they were in the nursery. I would miss them but also be relieved that I could do something of my own or relax my overtired body.

My brain was dead

After my younger one started going to the nursery, I slowly started realising that my brain had ‘died’ after child birth. Every time I decided to think, what I wanted do in my spare time, my brain cells just wouldn’t budge! Therefore, I decided to go for walks to refresh myself and bring my brain back to life! Slowly but surely, I started losing weight, my stamina increased and I remembered who I was before I became a Mother .


At the same time I also started meditating which increased the movement of my brain cells, and I realised that I would HAVE TO recreate my identity now. Since it was impossible for me to return to work on account of ‘no help’ in looking after children as well as high childcare costs, I would have to do ‘something of my own’ from home!

Before I could figure out what I wanted to do, I also started realising that I need to look after myself. This included small but vital things to keep myself sane. Silly things like getting my eyebrows done regularly or a haircut or even going out for a couple of hours on my own during the weekend, when hubby could look after kids. Mind you, this was very difficult for me. I couldn’t leave the house without my hubby literally pushing me out! I just couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything without my kids!

Recovering or recreating your identity

A stay at home mother starts recovering her identity once the kids go to school. But this is again a continuous process. A woman has to remember what she likes to eat or what her hobbies are. It is tough and many times(most of the times) a woman will always put her children before her. But this has become a part of her new identity now. She now does something of her own, maybe a hobby or a part-time job or run her own business when the kids are at school. She becomes a mother again as soon as school is finished!

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Even though a woman loses her identity after childbirth and recovers part of it every day as her children grow into adults, she is satisfied and fulfilled with the duty the universe has honoured her with!


When your child is very young (under the age of 5), do not worry if you have forgotten yourself. You will regain or recreate your identity as soon as the child starts going to school. You still have got the rest of your life to resolve your identity crisis. But these precious beautiful moments with your beautiful baby/toddler will never come back again!

Are you a Mother?  What are your thoughts on motherhood? Get in touch via comment box below!