How To Keep Your Marriage Strong After Kids -Stay in love with your Spouse

Raising children involves a lot of hard work on a daily basis, we all know that. But what some people don’t realise is that while they are busy raising their kids, they forget the most important aspect of their life- their marriage! Don’t beat yourself if you do this. Its very easy to forget the romance and marriage when you are spending time with your bundle of joy and being rewarded by toothless smiles and smelly nappies!

Nevertheless, you still need to maintain your marriage and your relationship with your spouse. Don’t get alarmed if you haven’t been doing so, here are some top tips on how to keep your marriage strong after kids.

Spend time together- Alone

If you have got a child whose less than a year old, it will be difficult to do this. If you have got help of grandparents or friends who are willing to look after your child for a couple of hours, take their help. Just do simple things like going out for dinner or going for coffee. It will go a long way. Make sure that when do go out – have proper husband-wife conversations. Don’t play with your phone or fight about trivial issues.

Help each other out

If one of you is sitting idle and the other is just overloaded with housework or nappy changes, this might lead to animosity between the two of you. Be considerate, help out the other if you are idle. That way if both of you have finished all your chores and your baby is asleep, you can spend time together, for example watching television together.

Early bedtimes for kids

From a very early age (as soon as possible after birth), try to follow a fixed schedule every day for your child especially evenings- Establish a routine. Dinner, bath,bedtime. If you cultivate this habit in your baby or child to go to sleep early (7ish) , you and your spouse will have plenty of time to relax and spend time together every evening. What would seem impossible like putting your feet up, would be easy to achieve!

Appreciate each other

In every relationship, appreciation for each other is very important. Same goes for couples. If your spouse helps you with your share of chores, just so that you can relax after a hard day, make sure you appreciate the help! Kind words always work wonders.

Remember your pre kids days

Once you have a child, try remembering the fun and romance in your life you had before you had a child. In case, you used to do certain activities together like playing cards – continue the same after your child is born. Make time for yourself and your marriage.

Think of yourself too

Once children are born, parents tend to think of the child only. They do not think of themselves and their marriage which in my opinion,is not a good parenting skill. If you are happy your spouse is happy and then your children will be happy too ! I am not saying that you think of yourself only but it is ok and normal to take some time out for yourself and for your spouse. Initially you will find it hard to juggle time for everything and everybody but if you make a conscientious effort, you will not only succeed but also be very happy!

Keep your bedroom child free

By the age of 1, try to shift the cot out of your bedroom. Let your child sleep in their own room. Again, this will be hard but keep persevering. Your goal here is to make your bedroom free of children and their items! This is necessary as you need to have your own space as a couple. When your child gets older teach them to knock on your bedroom door before entering. As your children get older and more aware of things, you have to teach them to respect your (parents’s) privacy.

Have faith in each other

Whether you have children or not, having faith in your spouse is a must in every marriage. Continue the faith once you have children. Respect each other even if you are very tired and frustrated with bringing up kids. Respect each other especially when kids are present. Even if you have disagreements do it in a normal tone and don’t get into a shouting session.

Keep the romance alive

Keep the romance alive. Buy your spouse a surprise gift, nothing expensive, just a token to express your love. Don’t stop cuddling or kissing each other or even holding hands when you go for walks in the park with your kids. When my husband and I hug each other, the kids come and hug us and it becomes a family hug. Children like it when parents express their love for each other in their presence. This also provides more security to your child and therefore they will feel even more loved.

Always keep in mind each others likes/dislikes

For example if you are cooking dinner , don’t always cook what your children like or eat. Try to remember and cook your spouse’s favourite dish and your spouse would then show her/his appreciation and this would do wonders to your relationship. Children on the other hand would learn to eat different dishes and not be fussy eaters!

As per my previous post, parenting tips for children, children always copy their parents. If they see their parents having love and mutual respect for each other- they will also learn to love and respect their parents. Even though you haven’t been doing any of the above – it’s never too late ! You can start today or now! In case, you would like to share some more tips please put them in the comment box below. I would love to take suggestions from you too !

Good luck!





Why is Family Time So Important? – How and Why?

Living together under one roof as a family is inadequate if you are not spending time together as a family. People ( adults or children) who live together must experience happy moments together as well . So why is family time so important? And how do you achieve this? I do understand that every family has got very tight schedules throughout the week but I believe that every family must make time to spend together. This is will create the foundation of your children’s life. Weekend’s or school holidays are the best times to achieve this. For working parents, try taking part of your annual leave during the school holidays. Try to keep at least 1 weekend of the month free of social engagements. A few things that can be done together as a family are:

      • Family meals together at home or in a restaurant
      • Going to park, beaches or theme parks in good weather
      • Going to a place of worship together example: church or temple or mosque
      • Playing team games like cricket, football, basketball etc.
      • Playing board games
      • Watching a movie at home or in the cinema together
      • Doing household chores together
      • Weekly shopping in the supermarket


Benefits of having family time are:

Bonding with children

As per one of my previous posts, Parenting Tips for Children, I have mentioned that it is important to spend quality time with children. The reason being that you will know your child better. In case, they have any issues/problems, they would be able to talk to you easily, instead of hiding it from you or trying to solve it on their own. You will know your children’s likes and dislikes too.

Bonding with spouse

After having kids, it is very important that you should spend time with your spouse. This can be achieved while you are doing family activities together. If you have a lot of children or very young children, it is very easy to drift apart.


Children feel secure

Children feel very happy being in a fun environment with their parents and siblings. This happiness translates to being secure.

Children learn to be selfless

As a family if you are deciding which activities to do together, children learn how to accommodate each other’s choices and therefore think of others too. For example, if one child wants to watch one movie and the other wants to watch another, the parent would have to explain to them to take turns and thereby accommodate each other’s choices.

Children will listen to parents

Parents always complain that my child isn’t listening to me. But if a child is secure and feels loved, he/she will definitely listen more to their parents. Please bear in mind no child will listen totally to their parents!

Siblings will fight less

If you have got more than one child, you would know how much children fight! One way of keeping them busy and occupied is to do family activities together!

Children learn social skills

If a parent is aloof from his/her children, children will be aloof from the rest of the world. If parents are social and involved with the child, the child will do the same.

Teaches children how to handle their relationships

Children learn how to care and share for each other by looking at their parents. They also learn how to handle their emotions of jealously or anger especially towards their siblings.

Inculcating cultures and traditions

Every family follows certain cultures and traditions depending on the religion they follow. It is the duty of the parents to teach their children, cultures and traditions of their family. For example, going to the church or to temple or to the mosque together as a family.

Respect for others

If parents spend more time with their children they can teach children to respect elders (parents ,grandparents, teachers) . If the child behaves in an improper manner in any way , parents would be able to notice and explain to the child why his/her behaviour was improper.

Parents also learn a lot from their children

It is my opinion that parents too have got a lot to learn from their children. If you spend time with your child, their innocence will definitely teach you something.

Provides relaxation to the whole family

In this fast life, where the whole family is on the go throughout the week, be it work for parents and school and extra activities for kids, family time together – fully of laughter and fun is a good time to relax and unwind.

Children will be less fussy about their food

By eating together as family, children learn to eat the same food their parents eat. Whether you have family meals at home or in a restaurant, children will learn to eat different varieties of food that the parents are having. But it is necessary that the parents set the correct example for their children and not be fussy eaters themselves!

Children tend to copy their parents

What I mean here is if we as parents give a secure, fun filled and loving environment to our children, our children will also give the same to their children. This kind of environment can be achieved through lots of family time.

When Children grow into adults

When children grow into adults, they will continue to bond deeply with their parents as the family time spent together will have a very long-lasting effect. It will then become “easy” for children to become “friends” of their parents.

Spending time together as a family is a win win situation for all the members of the family, both adults and children. If you can think of some other benefits or if you do things differently as a family, please put  your comments in the comment box below and  I will reply to you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, have a great family time !


How to Potty Train a Child – Tips and tricks to potty train your child without stress


Potty training can be a daunting task especially if it is your first child. It can also be very stressful for you and your child but if you try to make it fun, it will be a lot easier. Accidents will happen while your child is learning, even my child pooed on the carpet to avoid pooing in the toilet! It might sound funny right now but cleaning the mess was horrible! I have put together few tips and tricks on how to potty train a child and hopefully it should work for you as well! Before I give you the tips you need to first know if your child is ready for potty training .

How do you know if your child is ready for potty training?

  • Is your child between the ages of 18 months and 3 years ? Some children are ready by the time they are 18 months others won’t be ready till they are 3 years of age.
  • Have they got dryer nappies between nappy changes. This shows bladder control.
  • Is there any pattern of them wetting their nappies? What is the time interval? It has to be at least 1 hour or it will be very difficult for you.
  • Does your child tell you before/after  they have done a wee or poo ?
  • Does a wet nappy make them uncomfortable?
  • Do they look for a quiet place or a corner just before they poo(in their nappies)?
  • Are they ready to sit on the potty or on the toilet using a child training seat(child toilet seat)?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above, then you can at least try potty training them. Before you start, you would require a few potty training  items:

  1. A potty or a child trainer seat with a foot stool
  2. Few books to read to the child
  3. Cheap knickers or pants

Now you are ready to start the potty training so here are a few tips and tricks which might help you:

Keep your child involved

It is a good idea to keep your child involved in the whole process. Before you start maybe you can read them children’s books on potty training to make them mentally prepared for it. For example Princess Polly’s potty(for girls) or Pirate Pete’s potty(for boys).




 You can take your child with you when go to buy the potty or child trainer seat. Maybe ask them to choose which colour they would like. 

No Pull Ups

I wouldn’t recommend pull ups as the child will never learn to wee or poo in the toilet or in the potty. If you think about it, a pull up is similar to a nappy. It is better to get some cheap pants which you can throw in case of an accident!

Don’t get frustrated with accidents

Doing wee and poo in a potty or a toilet is a big mind shift for a child and is a part of their mental and physical development. It depends from child to child how quickly they get trained. In case, you feel there are too many accidents happening, don’t show your frustration to the child. Just put on nappies for few weeks and then try again. It is possible that your child is not ready for potty training.

Choose a convenient time

Always start potty training at a convenient time that is when the child has holiday in the nursery or pre school and you have got time off work. Preferably do it in the summer so that the child won’t feel cold while sitting on the potty and also if there are accidents the clothes will get dried quickly.

Comfortable bottoms

During and after potty training make sure

your child wears comfortable bottoms like tracksuits which can easily be pulled down. You do not want your child wetting himself just because he couldn’t open the trouser button.


Don’t tell your child off for any accidents

Potty training is a very sensitive time for a child. The child’s confidence will go down every time he/she has an accident. So if you tell them off it will break their confidence. In case of an accident just hug them and reassure them that it’s ok and that you have to keep trying.

Praise the child every step of the way

Whenever your child successfully wee’s or poo’s in the potty or toilet make sure you praise them a lot. It boosts their confidence big time.

Potty or Child Trainer’s Seat?

This will be a big question in every parent’s mind, before they start potty training. My health advisor advised me to potty train both kids directly on the toilet by using a child trainer seat (also know as child toilet seat) that clips on to the seat of the toilet. This makes the toilet look more secure for the child.

If you use a potty then once the potty training is established, you would still need to train the child on a toilet(using the child trainer seat). So instead of doing potty training in 2 steps (that is potty training on the potty first and then training them to sit on the toilet), you can directly put them on the toilet. But it is imperative to use a small stool if you are using the toilet  seat so that the child can step on the stool and reach for the toilet. Without the stool, the toilet will be too high for the child.

If Nothing Works

If you have tried potty training your child unsuccessfully and your child is nearly 3 years of age, the last resort would be to keep your child without any nappies or pants or trousers/tracksuit when you are at home so that they will feel the sensations more easily. But try this method as a last resort and only if your child is nearly 3 or 3 years.  Make sure you keep a plastic sheet on the floor or keep your child on a laminated or a tiled floor. Again, try this in the summer or your child might catch a cold.

Night Time Training

Always first focus on getting the day time training right. Once that has been established, monitor the night time nappy – how heavy is it? Depending on the child, the night time nappy would start getting lighter in few weeks or months after the day time training has been established. If that happens, you can start putting on pants on the child at nighttime. However, take a couple of precautions:

  • Make the child go for a wee last thing before going to bed.
  • Put a waterproof sheet/cover on the child’s mattress.

In case, you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with me by putting your comments in the comment box below.

Goodluck parents!



Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set – Review to Help You Decide

Product:Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set

Price: £69.99

Cheapest Place to Buy:

Size: 29.8 cm x 35.5cm x 30 cm

Warranty: 12 months from purchase

Weight: 2.42 Kg

My rating: 4/5

Colours Available: Blue, Black and White

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set: Product Overview

If you are expecting a baby soon, you would have to get your house in order, including buying nappies, bottles (if you want to bottle feed breast milk or formula milk), steriliser, sleepsuits, car seat, pram etc. Not only is the cost of essence but also making sure you buy it in time before the baby is born. Not to forget the quality and the durability. I have put down a few points together from my own research on the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Complete Feeding Set with a view that this would help you make a decision whether to buy it or not.

The Set Includes:

1 x Closer to Nature electric steam steriliser

4 x Closer to Nature 260ml/9floz feeding bottles with slow flow teats

4 x Closer to Nature 150ml/5floz feeding bottles with slow flow teats

1 x Closer to Nature electric bottle warmer

6 x Closer to Nature milk powder dispenser

2 x Closer to Nature insulated bottle bags

2 x Closer to Nature medium flow teats

1 x Closer to Nature 0-6m soother

1 x Closer to Nature bottle brush

1 x Teat tongs

1 x instruction leaflet



Tommee Tippee is a well known branded name. It’s products are known for its quality.

All in 1 set

For the first six months, this set is all you will need in terms of feeding your child (other than the Formula powder or breast milk).

Great Value, good Quality

The set is of good quality and you get a lot of items for nearly £70.00 (reduced by £90) which is a good value for money.


Steriliser is quick and sterilises the bottles in 5 minutes but you can sterilise only 5 bottles at a time. Bottles will remain sterilised for 24 hours, provided the lid remains closed which means that you can switch on the steriliser at bedtime and use the bottles next morning. The steriliser is easy to use and easy to clean due to its unique design.

The new sleek design saves space in your kitchen

BPA Free

All bottles are BPA Free.

Slow flow and medium flow teats

2 types of teats included- one slow flow (0-6 months) and other medium flow (6+ months)

Bottle Warmer

Handy thing to have, especially in the night if the milk is not warm enough, you just have to pop the bottle in the warmer for a couple of minutes. Do not use the warmer for warming up old or stale milk- as it is advisable to always give freshly made milk to the baby. Remember to add water to the warmer before use – please refer to the instruction leaflet.

Insulated bag

The milk will stay warmer in the insulated bag for 30-40 minutes depending on how warm it was when it was placed in the bag. It is recommended that you put hot water in the bottle and add the formula only when you need it. The milk will stay fresher!


Check all the items

If you buy the set, do check all the items to ensure nothing is broken especially the steriliser. Some people have mentioned in their feedback that some items like the steriliser was found broken or it wasn’t working. You should be able to exchange it under the 12 month warranty.


Some people have experienced that the steriliser packed up within few days of use. Or at times it would leak water on to the kitchen worktop. Again, if you face these problems you are covered under the 12 month warranty.


For some babies the teats are too big. Therefore they might not be able to put the bottle in their mouth properly and this might result in a lot of milk spilling. You cannot put teats of other brands on Tommee Tippee bottles.

Unnecessary items

In my opinion, couple of things are unnecessary like the teat tongs (you would not have the time to use that if your baby is crying for milk) and the soother (I never gave any soother or dummies to my children). I believe that soothers or dummies are unnecessary for babies. They do not know these things exist so why give them? If they are upset and crying then there would be a reason for it. It’s better to resolve that issue than to give a soother.

If you decide to buy the Tommee Tippee Complete Feeding Set, weigh in mind all the pros and cons and buy it only if you need it. If you decide to breastfeed directly from the breast, you would not need any of these items. However it is recommended that you do take a couple of bottles with you to the hospital at the time of the birth and use the bottles if there is any delay in your baby latching on to the breast.

All the best,


How to be a Great Father -Tips for Dads(including new and to be Dads)

A Dad is equally important for a child as much as a Mother. In the olden days, only mothers used to be involved in the upbringing of the children. Bringing up children used to be considered only a mother’s job. But now times have changed and fathers are equally important and involved in their child’s life. Here are some tips on how to be a great father- at least these are the things which my husband does with my kids and they do work! I would like to help dads too as I feel that being a daddy is equally hard as being a mummy. Hence, I decided that the topic of my post should be about dads.

Stay involved in looking after your child

Staying involved in looking after your child is very important. This should start from the day you come to know that your are expecting a child. Even if you didn’t – don’t worry. It’s never too late. Dads should be involved in everything which is required in looking after the child- feeding meals, bathing, changing nappies, entertaining the child, putting child or baby to sleep. This will create a very deep bond between child and the dad, for sure.

Play with your children

Whether your child is a baby, a toddler or a school kid, play with them. Babies love ‘peekaboo’ games. My husband used to crawl with my children when they were toddlers and this fascinated the children a lot. He also used to make funny faces, funny sounds and also tickle them. You can also play rough and tumble play with your child – please be cautious and play only on carpeted surfaces if your child is young!

Have conversations with them

If your child is old enough, have conversations with them. If you are working full time, ask them how your day was, when you come home in the evening. If you do this regularly, they will ask you the same question, “how was your day , Dad?” Tell them if something funny happened at work. This will keep them involved in your life too!

Watch TV Programs With Them

If you are dad who works full time, I know it’s very hard to spend time with your children after a very gruelling day at work. If you want to relax and at the same time spend time with your kids, watch TV programs with them. This is a great way to bond with them as well and you get your relaxation too !

Read to your child

Experts say that when a father reads to his child, the child absorbs more than when a mother reads to her child. It also helps the dad relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

Be Firm with them when required

In case you work full time, you would be tempted to let the kids have their own way – since you get to spend so little time with them. But do not do that. Just be firm. Set boundaries. If you don’t do that as early as possible, children would think it’s ok to mess with dad.

Family Meals

Family meals are very important. Children not only learn to eat different foods but also it is a great way to bond as a family. If you are working full time, this way children will understand that “dad is also part of the family”. Family meals are a must- at least once a day.

Know their likes and dislikes

In case you decide to buy something for your child as a gift, be sure to know what they like. If you gift them something they really want or like, it will go a long way.

New Dads and To-be Dads

This tip is for new dads or to-be dads. Sing or talk to the bump or the baby. Let the baby recognise your voice in the womb itself. After the baby is born, if you sing or talk to him/her, she/he will recognise your voice. Babies can hear everything in the womb. Your bond starts here.

Solve your child’s problems/issues

No matter how small or big your child is, children always rely on their parents for guidance and support. If you have conversations regularly with your child(as advised above) , it will be easier for your child to talk to you if he/she has got any problems or issues. Talk it out with them and this will create some great bonding between you and your child.

Networking with Other Dads

Just like moms, even dads need to mingle with other dads from school/preschool. This can be easily achieved if you are doing school drops or pickups. If you are unable to do so you can always meet the other fathers (without children or moms) for a drink or dinner or even a football match. Networking with other dads is important because you will get ideas from the other dads how they bond with their children or how they spend quality time with their children.

Spend time with the kids in moms absence

Try to spend time with your children in the absence of their mother. Then you will know each other better. This can be achieved by you going out(to the park or to the beach or for movies or even having a meal out) with the kids so that you can spend time with the children and at the same time, mom can get her break too!

Meditating together

You can also do meditation together as family. This will increase your bonding with your children too. Please check my post on Meditation Benefits for Children if you would like to know how to make children meditate.
If you do all the above, you will earn your children’s respect and trust and you will be an integral part of their life. Just remember being a dad is equally important as being a mom. A dad brings different influence in a child’s life than a mom -both influences are equally important especially in this age when families are becoming more nuclear.

Have you got any experiences or opinions to share ? I would glad to hear from you even if you are a mom – you can share with us what the father of your child does to be a great dad! Just put your comments below!

All the best Dads!








Nutribullet 600 Review -Get your 5 A Day in Minutes

Product: NutriBullet 600 Review

Price : £59.99 on

Size: 0.68 litres
Warranty: 1 year
My rating:


The Nutribullet 600,Product Overview

The Nutribullet 600 is not a juicer or a blender but a nutrition extractor, Nutribullet claims that a nutrition extractor grinds all the fruits vegetables, seeds in such a way that all the nutrients will not only be retained in the smoothie but also the smoothie’s nutrition will be easily absorbed by the body. Nutribullet 600 is the original Nutribullet blender. It can grind seeds, hard skin and can crush ice too. It is an 8 piece set and includes:

  • 1x high-torque power base
  • 1x extractor base
  • 1x tall cup – 680ml
  • 1x short cup of 511 ml
  • 1x handled comfort lip ring
  • 1x stay fresh lid
  • 1x user manual with receipes
  • 1x pocket nutritionist

Other Product Features :

  • Power/wattage:600w
  • Weight:1.9Kg
  • Colour: Graphite
  • Cups are made of plastic


Reasonably Priced

Nutribullet 600 is reasonably priced between £46.99 and £79.99. On Amazon the Nutribullet is priced at £59.99, Curry’s £69.99 and £79.99 at John Lewis and £46.99 at Argos(at the time of writing this post) . It is not as cheap as Breville (around £20) . But Nutribullet is the original nutrition extractor with Nutribullet 600 being the first of its kind.


Easy to Clean

Cups and lids are top rack dish washer safe. The motor base and blades don’t go in the dishwasher. But it is easy to rinse with warm water and soap!


Family Friendly

You can make smoothies for breakfast for the whole family. You can get your kids to have vegetables including kale and spinach in the smoothie.


5 A day
Easy to get your 5 a day in 1 drink! Parents can make their child have their 5 A day easily with Nutribullet especially if your child is a fussy eater. Keep the fruits or vegetables washed, peeled or chopped at night. In the morning you just have to blend it in the Nutribullet and give it to your family for breakfast.

Make sure to add water
Read the instructions carefully regarding adding water. Especially if you are adding seeds or dates(remove the seeds from the dates) . This reduces the chances of the motor burning out.

You can put frozen fruits and vegetables

You can add frozen strawberries or frozen bananas to your smoothie especially when

the weather is warm.

You can even make baby puree with it but may take a bit of time
 If you are a mom, the Nutribullet would be useful to you as well as your baby. It will help the mother get all her nutrition(especially required after child birth and if you are breastfeeding). You can also use it to make baby puree. It will take longer though. You can blend the vegetables first and then heat it on the hob. You can make soups in the same way as well.

Nutribullet tall cup is BPA free


Blades might break if you put ice
If you put ice on it’s own the blades might break. But you can add ice to vegetables or fruits if you have added water as per the instructions manual.

Leaking Problem
The initial Nutribullet 600 had problems with their blades which lead to leaking. But now the problem has been fixed. If you buy Nutribullet, make sure you have got the new blades.

Some people think it’s a very noisy machine. But since it works very fast you won’t have to endure the noise for long.

Peeling hard skin
You will have to peel hard skin for fruits like avocado or pineapple or oranges(or any citrus fruit).

Only 1 power setting

Nutribullet has only 1 speed setting . You can’t change speeds. It is very powerful anyway so you don’t need multiple speed settings.

Reasons to Buy a Nutribullet

You can buy and use the Nutribullet 600 for:

  • Weight loss – make sure you use vegetables and not fruits as fruits have natural sugars in them which will impede your weight loss. Or put a very minimal quantity of fruit(5-10%).
  • Getting 5 A day for you and your family- You can easily get your 5 A day by drinking the vegetable and fruit juice.
  • You can make ice cream at home – by adding frozen bananas to milk!
  • If you are looking to make your child stop drinking ready made juices- you can make juices at home. Ready made juices have lot of sugar and preservatives which is not good for anyone, adults or children. Your child would be satisfied that he/she got his/her juice, and as a parent you would be happy that you have given your child a healthy, sugar free or at least a preservative free juice! Do remember that all fruits have natural sugars .
  • Nutribullet is easy to clean, so if you dislike washing up as much as I do, then this is the blender for you!
  • Nutribullet 600 has been approved by the prestigious Good Housekeeping Institute.
  • Nutribullet retains more nutrients in the juice than a juicer- as claimed by Nutribullet!

Do you have any experiences to share ? Or do you have any receipes of any smoothies to share? Please do get in touch by putting your comment below. I will be happy to hear from you!

In the meantime, juice away!

All the best,




How To Get Children To Eat Healthy- Tips For a Healthier Lifestyle

In this fast life, it is very hard to be healthy for adults. For children, its even harder as they do not understand the repercussions of an unhealthy life. An unhealthy diet can lead to obesity in children which can cause several other health issues throughout their life. Childhood is the foundation of our adult life. Therefore, it is imperative to have good eating habits in childhood as it will set the tone for the rest of your life. But the important question is how to get children to eat healthy? If you are a parent, you would probably say ” easy to write but difficult to apply it with the child!” Agreed! I have to say that despite me having these tips – I do sometimes struggle to make my children eat healthy! There- I have admitted it – it is hard! But we, as parents have to persevere! Parents are responsible for laying the foundation of their child’s life which is very much connected to the first tip that I want to share:

Parents – you have got to eat healthy!

If you have read one of my previous posts- Parenting Tips for Children, I have mentioned that children always follow their parents- they “copy” whatever their parents do.If parents have got good habits children will have good habits. Naturally it follows that if parents have bad eating habits children will do the same. Parents should be willing to give up or at least reduce their bad or unhealthy eating habits only then their children will eat healthy.

No Sodas or fizzy drinks please!

I may sound a bit too harsh but don’t keep any fizzy or sugary drinks in the house- or at least make it a “once in a while” treat! If you don’t have any sugary drinks at home, your children won’t ask for them ! Encourage them to drink water when they are thirsty. But this will also mean that parents won’t be able to have it either- which is good as even parents need to mind their sugar intake ! Please give crisps and chocolates as treats-. Baked crisps are better than fried crisps. But all crisps have high levels of salt(unless they are the unsalted ones). I keep reminding my children that too much sugar will rot your teeth!Repetition gives results!

5 A Day!

Children, like adults, need to eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day. You can make them eat with their meals or as a snack. For example instead of giving them a chocolate or a biscuit for snack, offer them a piece of fruit instead. Keep a chart on the fridge- make the younger children put a tick on the chart every time they have a fruit or a vegetable!

Don’t Eat if you aren’t hungry

Like adults, children should eat only if they are hungry or eat until they are full. Overeating leads to many health problems. If you feel your child is overeating keep reminding them to stop eating when they are full.

Balanced and Regular Meals

From about 9 months onward- you can offer your baby 3 meals a day. If babies and children are taught from a young age to have balanced and regular meals, they will follow this in their adulthood. But its never too late to start having regular meals a day.
Breakfast is the most important meal. Make sure your child doesn’t miss breakfast unless they are ill. As a parent, try to have cereals, fruit or wholegrain bread instead of having a greasy egg breakfast! Your children will do the same as you

Family Meals

Make the same dinner for everyone in the family. Don’t make different dishes for the children just because they don’t like the dish you have made for the adults. Your children should always eat what you eat. Try to have at least few meals a week together as a family. Children will learn to eat dishes they don’t “like”.

Cook your meals- don’t buy ready-made

As much as possible, always cook meals at home. If you have made some soup for example, you can make extra and freeze the rest for next time. Ready made meals have got a lot of preservatives, salt and sugar which are not good for health. Cut some salad on the side for dinner every day ! That will give you your 1 a day at the very least. You can also make juices at home. Just wash and put the fruits or vegetables in a blender or a juicer! Do not put any sugar in it.

Involve Your child in cooking

Make your child help you cook meals. If you have a younger child, let them peel the lettuce for the salad, if you have an older child let them help you cut a cucumber or other ingredients of salad .

Give Reasons, Be firm and consistent

If your child is used to having foods less healthy, getting them started onto healthier options will be tough. Before you stop giving them fizzy drinks and crisps, explain to them why you are doing this. Give them reasons why the fizzy drinks are harmful. Talk it out with them. Give them a long term picture of how their life would be if they adopt a healthier diet. Initially it will be hard to convince them but if you remain consistent and follow the healthier lifestyle yourself – they will come round and follow you.

Give Incentives

If you have younger children give them reward stickers every time they finish their fruit or vegetables. If you have older children, explain to them the repercussions of having an unhealthy diet. Tell them that just like you would like Mum and Dad to listen you, Mum and Dad expect the same from you .
Be warned that, if your children are older it will be harder to make them change their diet. The younger the child, easier it is ! Even if you have just started weaning your child or are about to start, make sure you give them only water for drink (other than milk)- avoid juices. According to medical professionals, under 5’s should be avoiding salt and sugar completely! This will give them good healthy teeth too!
In case, you feel I have missed out on any healthy aspect or if you have done things differently please share with me by putting your comment below. I will be happy to hear from you!

All the Best,